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I am a student who is studying at Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill, N.J. Economics is a course that I take particular interest in, mainly because of my father’s influence. My dad is an economics PhD who earned his degree in Japan, and he also founded China Sunny Sky Capital. He worked for 18 years in the investment and stock sector, with most of his investments in China’s agriculture development. He has a great influence in China’s mainland, Taiwan and in Hong Kong, and is the vice-president of China Public Company and the Shanghai Stock Investment Association. He was also elected to be one of the Top 10 investors in Shanghai.

As a child, my dad always brought me to visit the various types of companies to let me know their core values and business models. The main benefit of attending these events was the knowledge I learned about enterprises, and, mainly, that knowledge was about the fact that businesses should have a life cycle. I also learned that a good investment can help an enterprise build its value and bring it onto a stock exchange. My dad’s friends, as well as his own success stories, made me understand the fact that abilities, knowledge and potential are the necessary components to becoming a great investor. My dad is an important component in my interest in finance and investment, and I plan to become an outstanding investor in the future.

The United States has the world’s largest economy, and the stock investment is essential to the economy. China needs people who know about the macro economy and the financial investments in future. Attaining this knowledge is the reason that I chose to study abroad in the United States. I hope this will provide me with the knowledge I need to effectively take over my father’s company. I believe that I can make the company stronger and finally become an international enterprise. In order to be completely prepared for that,I read several books that relate to the economy and investments, and I had an internship in my dad’s company during the summer. I believe I am ready to be a successful economics major.

If you ask my parents, friends or teachers for the most appropriate phrase to describe me, I believe the answer would be “hard working.” This is the point of which my parents are proud. Hard work is important to the mobile nature of my parents’ work. My father’s dedication to his job required me to frequently move throughout my life. I had my kindergarten in Hong Kong and in Shanghai; elementary school was in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; then I moved back to Shanghai to continue middle school. I learned about a variety of cultures and I also made strong friendships with people of many vibrant backgrounds. I feel that it is necessary to get into contact with society and communicate with people of different background in order to become a complete student. This is also the way for me to acquire more development potential and become a world citizen.

I learned to be persistent in my hard work. During elementary school in Taiwan, my overall grade was ranked in the top 10% in school, and I would later learn how hard I needed to work in a new culture to build that kind of achievement again. I had to go to Shanghai after elementary school with my parent, and because the school teaching system was different in Shanghai China, my grades dropped considerably. I changed from a good student, to being an auditor, and I even became the lowest-achieving student in the class. I felt great pressure at that time, but I knew that I could not be knocked down by this temporary difficulty. I needed to find efficient ways to catch up with others. At that time, I decided to stay far away from video games and I reduced my playing time. I put more time into my studies and frequently communicated with my teachers. Besides that, my home was far away from school at that time. I usually woke up at 6 a.m. to catch the bus, and I studied until midnight. Within two years of persistent work, my efforts paid off. My grade ranking jumped from 300th in the school to the top 30. I became a study model in my school, helping to make this experience the treasure of my life.

After I finished Grade 9 in Shanghai, I decided to achieve my goals and ambitions by going to the United States to continue my studies. I completed Grade 10 and 12 at Camden Catholic High School. I was able to again overcome the difficulties caused by the different education system, this time in the United States. My grades throughout high school were nearly all A’s, and I was elected to be the school honor student when I was in Grade 10 and 11. I have confidence in my studying abilities, and I believe that I can finish the future college life with a superb grade-point average.

Besides studying, I am also active in many kinds of club activities and social services. I am a strong basketball player, swimmer and violinist. I plan to form a music band and arrange student activities during my college years. In the past, I led a charitable food delivery club called “Super Kitchen in Camden,” and I helped organize the international festival in school. I helped the incoming international students adapt to American school life and I gave them study advice. I donated my pocket money to a poor student who is living in Guizhou, China. I felt that the happiest thing in a person’s life is to do what they want and to also positively contribute to society.

I would like to apply to this university. I know that it may appear that I am not the best candidate because I was in the United States for only two and a half years. However, I believe my persistent efforts will result in me being an honor student by the time I graduate from university, and I will be admitted to a business graduate school. I want you to give me a chance to achieve my goals by letting me study in this great university. I believe I can be your valuable investment, and I will do my best to bring honor to both the university and myself.

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