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Business Principles Case Study 3 Discussion


Recruitment and selection of employees are one of the most demanding and challenging jobs faced by the human resource department. As the head of the hiring committee in search of an employee for the new division, I would consider several factors before recruitment to ascertain competent with great personality employee. It ensures that the employee performs exemplary and looks forward to attaining the set objectives (Alder & Gilbert, 2006)

Question one.

In my opinion, I would reopen the search for a new employee because an employee’s personality and how he or she spends her free time is critical for job sustainability. I would also do that to establish impartiality and achieve a consensus when hiring an employee. It is vital for getting collective agreement and accountability when the need arises. It has created a platform for understanding, and other opposing employees would be pleased when a reopen search would be instigated. It would project my flexibility attribute and openness in solving matters without prejudice (Derfler-Rozin, Baker & Gino, 2018). Consequently, if I fail to do that, the team would despise my leadership criteria, affecting my future relationship with colleagues and questioning my judgment and decision-making skills in company activities.

Question two

Companies are justified in checking the applicant’s social media platform like Facebook in this scenario. It is because most organizations are deploying the internet in marketing their products and services and attracting a pool of candidates for selection through postings. The social media sites enable the Companies’ to do background checks and know the type of person that is to be hired in the organization. Failure to do background checks could lead to defamation and degradation of the company when the competitors discover compelling information (Landers & Schmidt, 2016). Therefore, it would be advisable to deal with the situation before escalation that would cause the company huge losses. Checking the applicant’s social media platform will provide an insight into how well driven an employee is. Will he or she be able to go the extra mile or sacrifice towards achieving the set targets at fixed deadlines? Therefore, it is a critical matter because how one spends their leisure time determines the distraction level and the input of the employee. It will enable the company to know which type of leadership management style can be implemented for the employee to work effectively. Would it be a dictatorial, authoritative, democratic, or laissez-faire leadership style? 

Question three

I believe that a Company should be concerned with how a potential employee spends his or her personal time. This is because it threatens the availability and job performance of the employee. An employee who is ever smoking marijuana with friends, like in the scenario discussed, is more likely to have high absenteeism rates and produce shoddy quality work. It would not only affect the organization not meeting its expected outcome but also tarnishes the company’s image. In addition, our company’s competitors would question the judgment and the tolerance of character level by hiring committee. It will also help in countering the incidences of ethical lapses in the company. 



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