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Week #6 Entry #1
“How to Help Iran Build a Bomb”
An airstrike on Iranian nuclear facilities could delay any atom bomb construction that the country is undertaking. Such an attack could provide Israel with much needed time to destroy the Iranian government. However, others say an attack would cause the Iranians to increase the speed in which they develop nuclear bombs. Those in the George W. Bush administration agreed that an attack on the nuclear facilities would be counterproductive, and so the facilities weren’t bombed when Bush was president. The reason is that an attack would allow the Iranians to end restrictions on hundreds of safeguards and monitoring devices, which includes seals on dangerous stored materials. Iran could also be viewed as a victim, in the eyes of the world.

I chose this article because I am deeply concerned that there is much potential, particularly in Iran, for the development of an atom bomb, which could be used against the United States. Nuclear terrorism is a serious threat that puts all westernized countries, particularly America, at risk of a massive terrorist attack. I haven’t learned as much about the Middle East as I would have liked, but I have learned about the war on terrorism, which includes keeping nuclear weapons out of terrorist hands. I am undecided about whether America should attack these facilities, as I don’t know what Iran is capable of as retaliation. I do know, however, that something should be done to end the civil war in Iran, and the threat that the country poses on the rest of the world. I feel that America has played a role in allowing Iran to gain so much military strength – as the United States had sold the country weapons for many years – and now it is time to deal with that mistake.

Week #6 Entry #2
“US Data Whistleblower: ‘It’s a Violation of Everybody’s Constitutional Rights.”

Bill Binney is blowing the whistle on a secret software code that he helped develop, which now collects a massive amount of information about American citizens. Binney is a former official from the National Security Agency. Because he has spoken out as a whistleblower, the FBI has raided his home. The NSA denies that the program even exists. Since going public with the information, Binney has appeared on various shows throughout the country. The information is being gathered, Binney says, as a government overreaction to 9/11.

I chose this article because I find the fight against terrorism and the American government reaction to 9/11 to be fascinating. The attacks on the World Trade Center has changed the way the world operates. In political science, I have learned there are increased measures at border security, but I wasn’t aware of this alleged spying on the country’s own citizens. I assumed there would be more scrutiny in keeping track of people that may be terrorists or are in danger of becoming terrorists, but I did not know that the government is spying on regular citizens. I am cautious to give Binney the benefit of the doubt, because I don’t think it would make sense – and it wouldn’t be time effective – to spy on all Americans; however, I don’t see why Binney would make it up, unless he has a hidden agenda. I think the fact that the government has cracked down on whistleblowers since 9/11 says that Binney might be telling the truth. The American government should not be spying on every citizen, as if this is actually happening, it is breaking our constitutional rights.

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