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Week # 8 Entry #1
“In excitable pundits vs. political scientists, I’ll take political scientists every time”
Political scientists say an election isn’t decided by the presidential debate, and scientific study comes to the same conclusion. However, because many perceive Mitt Romney as dominating the recent debate, they are saying that it could play a role in this election. But political science should be taken as a way of being objective, of “taking the long view.” Even if this election is decided by the debate, that doesn’t make the political scientists incorrect. This election may be one of the rare ones where the winner is decided by the debate. Romney’s win in the debate was more lopsided than any other debate in the history of elections.

This article interested me because the presidential election is obviously a big issue right now that affects all of us. I disagree with the assertion that the debate doesn’t decide elections. The debate is sometimes the only time voters see who the candidates really are, or at least who they appear to be. It seems impossible to me that there would be a way to determine the exact point at which a voter decided to vote for a particular candidate.  Of course, the polls are a way to gauge, but the polls are taken from the beginning of the debate to the end of the campaign. A lot can happen between the end of the debate and when voters go to the polls.

Week #8 Entry #2
Washington Pot Sale Legalization: State Could Become First to OK Pot Sales
Washington state could be the first to allow for the sale of marijuana at shops that are licensed by the state. Many of the people who support such a proposal say it could make the laws on drugs more reasonable, and bring in hundreds of million in revenue that can help pay for health care, schools and basic government services. I could also stop what they are calling the needless arrest of thousands of people each year for simple possession charges. However, while there are perceived benefits, it could also match the state against the federal government, which hasn’t sanctioned such a law. But Washington isn’t the only state considering decriminalization. Oregon and Colorado are also considering the legislation.

This article brings to light a very ground-breaking decision that could be made in Washington state. The actions of Washington could affect us right here in California. I think pot decriminalization is an idea that is long overdue. Many jurisdictions are considering such an action and, as the article states, the revenue generated from the taxed sale of pot could help improve the quality of life for many in the state. I don’t think pot is any more harmful than alcohol and cigarettes, though those drugs are legal. Not only will there be benefits from increased revenue, but there will also be fewer expenses related to processing people who are now considered criminals due to simple pot possession.

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