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Benefits of a Vinyl Fence

Benefits of a Vinyl Fence

Take a drive around your community and you will most likely find that most fences will are made of metal or wood. These are time-tested and proven ways to build a high-quality fence. But what if you are searching for a new material to build a high-quality fence that will make your fencing stand out from the rest? We have just the solution for you!

Vinyl has become increasingly popular in recent years and have been proven to be an excellent alternative to the traditional style of fencing. Continue reading to find out why so many homeowners are turning to vinyl fencing, and why you should consider installing vinyl fencing for your home.

Low Maintenance

Unlike most of the fence materials on the market, vinyl requires very minimal maintenance. In most cases, it will continue to look as nice as it did on the day that we installed it for you. Vinyl fencing can easily be cleaned with a regular garden hose! This saves you time and money because you won’t need to worry about constantly maintaining and repairing the fence. If you find it occasionally needs a deeper clean, add in a little soap and it should look good as new! Overall, vinyl fencing is a low maintenance option for all seasons. 

Very Affordable

Not only do you save money on maintenance and repairs, but it is far cheaper to install vinyl fencing compared to other common options, such as wood or iron. The affordability also extends to the cost of maintenance, repairs and longevity of the vinyl fence. This means you will not need to pay for paints, stains, treatment, and expensive cleaning solutions for your fence. Overall, the only cost for the fence will be when we come to install your new vinyl fence for you!


A major benefit of installing vinyl fencing is its’ durability compared to the traditional types of fencing. With proper care and if installed properly, vinyl fencing should last approximately 20 to 30 years. Not only does vinyl fencing have a long lifespan, but it also has a long-lasting look. Unlike other fences, the vinyl material is resistant to crumbling, fracturing, flaking, and blistering. Homeowners won’t need to worry about your fence becoming an eyesore. Also, the material used in vinyl fencing does not encourage mold, mildew, or bugs because it’s composed of synthetic materials. Stronger vinyl fencing materials have also been produced as a result of technological advancements, so you won’t have to worry if a storm comes your way.


For homeowners with children and/or pets, this is understandably a big priority. They want a good fencing solution that will keep their family safe. Unlike wood, vinyl does not produce splinters, which reduces the chances of someone getting injured. Also, vinyl fencing is fire-resistant (burning point of around 900°F) and is considered to be ‘self-extinguishing’. This is also a plus if you want to place your grill near the fence. It can be made from solid panels that dogs are unable to climb. Since the materials are not painted or stained, you can rest easy knowing that your dog cannot ingest harmful compounds. Overall, vinyl is a high-quality and sturdy fencing option that will keep you and your family safe.

These are just some of the benefits of choosing vinyl fencing. Not only is vinyl relatively inexpensive, durable, low maintenance, and safe, but it also comes with different design options. Your vinyl fence can come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. At Fensu Dream Fence, we have experts willing to help you go through the process of selecting and installing your new vinyl fence.

Choosing the Right Fence for You and Your Children

Your family home should provide a safe, comfortable place for you to raise your family. If you have children or pets, you understand how important it is to have high-quality fencing to keep them safe while they play outside. Our fencing installation solutions will help keep you and your family safe, controlling access to your yard and prevent children or pets from wandering.

There are many options for you on the market, and we understand that this can sometimes be overwhelming for many families. Below are some of the most common options for families looking to install fencing for their yard, and the pros and cons worth considering for each. 

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is often a popular option because it is inexpensive, low maintenance, and durable. Although it might be aesthetically attractive, aluminum fencing poses a problem if you (or your neighbors) have larger pets. There is a chance that some pets can be able to sneak between the fencing and get in or out of your yard. On the other hand, children and pets will not be able to climb aluminum fencing. These fences use materials that are safe for children and pets, but they often lack privacy.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are durable and practical for many families and will “get the job done”. It will effectively keep children and pets safe inside the yard and will be helpful for children to understand where property boundaries are. However, chain-link fences offer minimal privacy. They are also unlikely to provide maximum security, as older children and pets can likely climb chain-link fences without much trouble.

Benefits of a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are usually a recommended option for families with children and pets. They are mostly safe with no sharp edges and are unable to be climbed by children and pets. Depending on your preferences, these fences can be tall enough to prevent jumping over the fence and to ensure security. Regardless of the fence height, vinyl fences offer great privacy for family. Given the nature of the vinyl fences, they offer maximum privacy because your neighbors will be unable to see through the fences like they might with wooden or chain link fences. 

Wood Fences

Wooden fences tend to be cheaper, which is usually an important factor for families raising children and pets. For those seeking to match the common aesthetic of the neighborhood, odds are wooden fences are the option to go with here. Wood fences that are well installed by experts, like us, are normally effective against break-ins. On the other hand, wooden fences are flammable. These types of fences are usually picketed, which means they leave gaps within the fence. It is therefore easier for pets to sneak in and out of the fence. 

If you are searching for the perfect fencing option for your and your family, look no further than Fensu Dream Fence. We would be more than happy to work with you to find the perfect option for you and your family.

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