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The research that was examined throughout this project brought many different aspects into a different light for me as a researcher. While I have been able to examine the different forms of information that have been used throughout the research, it is important to see the benefits and limitations that have emerged from this project. For this reason, this section of the paper is going to detail the different ways that the project benefitted from information as well as areas where there was not enough information to be used as a source. These deficits that emerge will ultimately serve as a means of furthering the research throughout this particular field of study.

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One of the areas that were examined throughout the literature study was the relationship between religion and the arbitration models that were examined in the study. I was able to examine the links between Islam and the system of arbitration that exists in Jordan. Specifically, many of the different roles and rules that have emerged through this system can be linked back to some form of basis within the religion of Islam. This is often seen as an incredible benefit for those who live in the area of Jordan in the sense that the citizens can count on justice that is personalized and made for the benefit of the community. The research that was completed was very clear that the Islamic forms of mediation and arbitration that take place in the society are often designed to keep the peace or to adhere to the greater good of the community. The research into the specific arbitration methods that are used in the area of the Middle East with which I am familiar produced a view that was unique in the sense that it has a basis in the religion. However, this is not always the case in other areas of the world, and as a researcher, it behooved me to attempt to find the basis of the arbitration methods that are used in this part of the world.

The research that was performed in the context of the effects that religion tends to have on the arbitration and mediation processes was bountiful as it applied to Islam and the applications in the Middle East. However, when it came to finding similar research for the western hemisphere, there was very little research that was able to provide the same links that were established for Islam. Therefore, one of the areas of research that is lacking in terms of the research project that I had proposed throughout this paper is the links between the most widespread religions in this area of the world and the western conceptualization of proper arbitration and outcomes. Exploring the history of the United States from a layman’s point of view establishes the fact that one of the most prominent religions in the United States and the Western Hemisphere as a whole is Christianity. In the United States, specifically, the Protestants were one of the chief groups that were in charge of the development of the nation. It would only make sense that there was a large influence of the religion in the works of the nation’s laws and ideas about mediation, arbitration, and even fairness. However, these aspects of the religious effects on the justice system throughout the United States were neither apparent, nor where they directly available through research.

This shows that the religious basis of Islam on the laws of arbitration is more outwardly significant than those of Christianity in the western world. It can also be implied that the research into these links is either not a topic that has been actively pursued, or it is one that has not been established in the conceptualization of negotiation and conflict resolution in this area of the country. I feel as though this aspect of the religious impacts on the everyday world of arbitration should be actively pursued in order to demonstrate a greater understanding of this topic and its relationship with other religions.

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Another aspect of research that was apparent throughout the study was that there are readings available about what happens when an eastern culture is examined within the context of a western culture. For example, I was able to show research and anecdotal evidence about the occurrences of arbitration and mediation in the United States using styles and systems that were developed under Islam in the Middle East, specifically in the nation of Jordan. However, there were no reciprocal studies that were performed about an individual from the west using their systems of mediation in a group in the Middle East. While this did not limit my research too severely, the fact of the matter was that it would have been useful to see how the different areas of the world allow or disallow the different aspects of the arbitration process to exist within the current laws. Yet, this was only one potential limitation that was exhibited throughout the study.

Another one of the areas of research that were approached throughout this research process was the sheer benefits of the interpersonal forms of arbitration versus those that are presented in the court systems that are active in the United States. While there is a great deal of information regarding the benefits of the impartiality of the United States court system in research, there is not wide-scale comparison that is available in research about the two systems. I believe that the comparison that I have made between the court systems of the United States and the religious-backed arbitration methods of religious leaders in the community in which I live might be one of the most recent comparisons. Since my data had no other to back it up as a beneficial or superior system, it would be beneficial to see an increase in research on the subject.

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One of the other areas of research that provided satisfactory insights and solutions in regards to the project that I have established was the cultural conflicts that emerge when attempting to provide a satisfactory outcomes for business medication. I was able to find a tremendous amount of information about how businesses and individuals can make adjustments to produce positive outcomes for their arbitration needs. The majority of the information that was produced in regards to arbitration in business was based on the western mindset, but it was able to be synthesized with my prior knowledge to garner positive outcomes.

Yet, there was another form of information that was not present during the research process that ultimately did not facilitate the information gathering that was required. In essence, there was a gap in information between the ethics that are in place in regards to negotiation, conflict resolution, and peace-making in the professional realm from a western standpoint and from the eastern standpoint. In terms of the information available for the ethics in the western world, I was able to find a vast amount of valuable information and even laws as they pertain to arbitration and mediation. There were plentiful case studies on the laws that surround various types and degrees of mediation and arbitration.

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However, I was not as fortunate in the ability to find specific case studies and works as they pertained to the eastern philosophies of arbitration and mediation. Moreover, I was not able to locate the ethical dilemmas in the arbitration methods that
were present in the western philosophy within the context of the eastern philosophy. Had I been able to locate such ethical dilemmas, I believe that it would demonstrate that the ethical considerations which are present within the Islamic-driven forms of mediation and arbitration in communal and business circumstances are primarily fuelled by religion. The religious influence on business ethics would be far more palpable from this perspective than they would be in the perspective of the west. Any additional research in this area would have been beneficial to the determination of the development of western arbitration and how it could possibly change in the future.

One of the final areas of the research project that I found to be limited by the lack of information in regards to the project was about the ability to mediate peace without the influence of the law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and other western culture. I have found that in Jordan, it is not altogether uncommon to allow the individuals from a certain group to keep matters within their own community in terms of arbitration and mediation for wrong-doing. I was unable to find any reasons that the United States never adopted or has not approved of this form of arbitration solutions. Instead, I have only found that there is a reliance on local and federal government when it comes to outlining the different ways to solve a problem between two parties that are seeking arbitration.

These are just some of the areas that do not have satisfactory solutions in regards to the different research that was performed throughout this study. While it represents an information gap, it also provides vast opportunities for individuals to further the studies in these areas through contemporary or historical research on the matter. This would ultimately serve to foster a greater understanding of negotiation, conflict resolution, and peace-making as a whole.

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