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I know next to nothing about baseball, so I believe that writing about the recent Toronto Blue Jays vs. the Tampa Bay Devil Rays game that was played on Tuesday, September 13 at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay would be an excellent way to take me out of my comfort zone. Unlike tennis, swimming or boxing, baseball is a numbers game as much as it is a spectacle of athletic prowess. I say this because many of the articles I looked for that examined the Toronto Blue Jays vs. the Tampa Bay Devil Rays game had detailed statistics on the players that were playing that day. For example, the starting pitchers of that day were Drew Smyly and Marcus Stroman; I initially believed that the only things a fan should be aware of would be the number of wins, losses, and hits that pitchers were able to accomplish.

However, this was far from the case since websites like had statistics detailing their ERA, fip, k%, BB%, BABIP, HR and GS and I have absolutely no idea what these metrics are supposed to stand for! It turns out that these statistics were an aspect of sabermetrics which is a means for people to measure a player’s performance from previous games and equate it to a likely outcome in the current match. Going back to the game itself, the winning team was the Rays with a score of R:6, H: 7 to the Blue Jays R: 2, H:9. Of particular interest to me was Drew Smyly who had an abysmal start to this season since he allowed ten runs out of 14 hits over the last nine innings that he had pitched so far. However, despite this abysmal start, he redeemed himself in this game since he was able to pull off several successful pitches that enabled his team to earn a wide margin when it came to the number of runs they were able to accumulate. On the other end of the spectrum, Marcus Stroman of the Blue Jays did an adequate job, but he simply could not get the needed number of hits in to help his team. Overall, from the perspective of a complete amateur in baseball, my experience reading about and watching the game online showed me that the sport is far more complicated than I initially assumed it to be and it has captured my interest. I may even attend a baseball game in the future if I have some free time to do so.  [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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