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Social issues are common with all people and it becomes important that people find the best ways of dealing with the same. The nature of social problems varied based on race. For the black people, social problems could involve unemployment, poor social relations, and even relationship issues. The barbershop has always provided African American men with a safe haven in which they can share their challenges and help each other find solutions to their problems.

In the influencing of policy and legislation level, the problem is that there exist no systems in which African-Americans are screened for health issues such as high blood pressure. Even though the system does not provide these people with the policies to guarantee their health, the barbershops have managed to be effective in helping some people escape this deadly disease. In the organizational practices level, the fact that people are forced to wait for hours before being served should be changed. Health is a vital issue and should make the health organizations respond with the utmost urgency. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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While considering the Fostering Coalitions level, the community should also have a role to play in health issues. For instance, the barbers provide people with a lending ear to their social and health issues. In return, the community becomes social and understands each other from a better perspective. The Educating Providers stage is depicted in this video when the barber teaches his clients about voter registration. In addition to this, the barbershop could also provide the same education on health issues. Given the fact that people are more honest with their barbers than their doctors, they could be very influential in providing health information. The Strengthening of Individual Knowledge and Skills will involve barbers dealing with their clients on a personal basis. Since all people have specific problems, the barbershops provide such people with an avenue to share their issues. What makes this even better is that such issues are discussed collectively.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Therefore, barbershops can be a good strategy through which high blood pressure is eradicated or reduced in the African American community. This video covers all the stages of the spectrum of prevention. The strongest part about this is the ability of the barbershops to strengthen the ability of individual knowledge and skills. What makes this even better is that the speaker is both a doctor and a client in a barbershop. That shows the reliability of this film in demonstrating the different spectrum of prevention strategies.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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