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The nominee has done a tremendous job in providing tactical leadership in the camp operations. He has demonstrated professionalism in managing teams and ensuring that each person is working towards accomplishing a common goal. He is dedicated to ensuring the contingent security and interconnections between different units.  The nominee was instrumental  in creating the combat teams that assist, advice and give operational security to various brigades to protect them from cyber security threats. As shown in this case, the nominee was able to set up new initiatives that are aimed at boosting the network security for warfighters as well as ensuring that there are necessary resources for each team.

Installation of New Cyber Security Softwares

             The nominee’s efforts on the installation of new cybersecurity softwares demonstrate his attributes as a focused leader ready to use information security in warfighters activities. The software not only helps in the providing tactical solutions but also enhances communication and compliance of various warfighters initiatives.  The cybersecurity network has improved the working environment and further enhanced the warfighter capabilities in dealing with various threats. The network has better visibility that helps the warfighters in real-time detection of malicious threat within and outside the organizational network. In most of the activities, the team maintains a high level of information and cyber security awareness.

 Through the leadership offered by this nominee, the team was able to complete all the milestones they were assigned. Through the expertise and knowledge of this leader, the team was able to utilize various tactical IT skills in creating solutions for the army IA program. Besides, the team demonstrated a high level of IT and cybersecurity resources.

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