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In expanding the cardiac care services of a small community hospital, physicians and patients alike will be able to reap the benefits of receiving top notch cardiac care within their own community. Through this, patients will no longer have to be transported to different institutions for intensive cardiac care, and will instead be able to stay close to home and family when they need it most. The expansion of the cardiac unit is a difficult process which requires much strategic planning and investment and involvement from stakeholders in order to implement. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

In order to strategically plan for this upgrade, the leadership must implement a plan to elevate quality and increase access to comprehensive cardiac services and build and leverage partnerships (Markham Stouffville Hospital, 2014). To do this, the leadership will undertake a robust strategic planning process that uses bottom-up and top-down approaches to develop strategies and consider the needs of the hospital and the surrounding community (Schilder, 1997). The process will consist of three phases: external and internal analysis, strategic options analysis, and strategy implementation (Markham Stouffville Hospital, 2014). In external and internal analysis, the leadership will consult with industry experts, review literature, and discuss with physicians on how to implement the new facility, what programs and services will be required, and who to involve in it. Following this, the involved consultants, as well as the hospital leadership, senior physicians, and community leaders will meet to determine strategic options for the implementation. This will include a full analysis of available options, the strategic value of each, as well as the possible implications and trade-offs of each (Markham Stouffville Hospital, 2014). This chosen strategy could be implemented by talking to surrounding medical care institutions and Universities to see if partnerships could be made to help fund the expansion, for instance, it could be used as both a care facility, as well as for University research. Further, if the hospital partnered with a nearby medical institution, they could also work with the hospitals new expansion to help fund it, as well as to run some of their own programs from it. Some issues that could result from this include high costs of new technology, confrontation in sharing facilities with other hospitals or institutions, and conflict with the community if the strategy does not work out as planned. While implementing a cardiac unit upgrade to such a small facility in a small community may be a costly venture with risks involved, the possibility of enhanced and closer care within the community makes the risks worth it. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

If the strategic plan of the project is strictly outlined to include who is involved (hospital leadership, community leaders, and senior physicians), what resources they have to work with (partnering institutions, investors, and any saved funds), what the end-goal is (expanding the cardiac care services), and how they are going to get there (through partnerships and investment), the hospital should have no problem completing their cardiac expansion. Through this, the hospital should be able to expand its local care to more intensive cardiac services, which will benefit both physicians, as well as the community. . < Click Essay Writer to order your essay


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