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Growing up as a child, I frequented the community library, which was two blocks from my house. At the library, I was captivated by a specific book, and I would read it repeatedly. The book, Gulliver’s Travelswritten by Jonathan Swift, follows the story of an adventurer as he seeks new places and meets new people. The character, Gulliver, despite the challenges that he experiences along his path, does not give up but relentlessly continues with his journey. Just as was with Gulliver, I believe in commitment and objectivity. I further believe that with proper guidance, everyone able to exhaust his or her full potential. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay>

As a Hospitality and Tourism Management student at St. Lawrence College, I participated actively in programs that aimed at empowering the youth and students collectively to further themselves academically and on a personal level. During the Open Forum initiative, which was established to reach out to the surrounding community enlighten them on the programs offered at St. Lawrence, I volunteered as a committee member. In this position, I was tasked with the duty of showcasing the school’s strengths and the benefits that the potential students stood to enjoy by registering for the programs offered by our institution. Furthermore, I was elected as the Student Panel Presenter with the duty of addressing any concerns that the guests would have and answering questions from the enquirers on any aspect of our institution. The preparation process had been engaging. I had to motivate the tour guides by ensuring that they had all the resources they needed to succinctly address the needs of the divergent guests who had graced our institution. Before this, I had to recruit and train the tour guides on the tasks that they were to undertake on the marked day. From all these activities, I felt fulfilled and appreciative of my institution at the end of the initiative. In addition, with our efforts as students, I grasped the significance of collective efforts and the need for discipline as we pursue our goals in life. It is my belief that at Royal Roads University, I will be able to align my personality towards helping others through collective efforts through the programs that are offered at the institution.
Also, as a student at St. Lawrence College, I volunteered to serve at the institution’s restaurant. I wanted to augment my culinary skills as it related to the program for which I had enrolled. As a server at the restaurant, I had to set and clear tables, avail beverages when required and determining the sitting arrangements, which would ease service delivery. It is here that the need for patience in everyday life was reinforced. Since I was inclined towards positive thinking, I engaged people with different attitudes, and that was very tiring. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

While at the Royal Roads University, I will seek to enhance my knowledge on hospital management. I have always wished to work in a reputable hotel and this has made identify an institution offering the programs that could help me acquire the skills, knowledge, and character that could make me achieve this dream. I found Royal Roads to be the best choice as it can be of help in continuing my academic studies while achieving the dream of working in an international hotel. I also understand that the programs at Royal Roads University expose people to the best student care, which is something I will need through the course. Without such financial help, a person like me would have nothing short of dreams that never make it to reality. I have worked several part time jobs to cater for my previous educational needs. Despite the fact that my parents are unable to afford my higher education, I have always been determined to ensure I achieve my life goals. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Appreciate the fact that the bursary committee has taken the time to review my letter. I look forward to being considered for the bursary program, as it would be of great help in developing my life goals. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Faithfully,

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By Hanna Robinson

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