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Atherton, Cassandra L. “The Lehmann Oeuvre: A Critical Explanation of the Early           Sources.” Flashing Eyes and Floating Hair: A Reading of Gwen Harwood’s       Pseudonymous Poetry (2006): 16.
This article is part of a series of criticism of Gwen Harwood’s works. It provides a feminist critique on the work In the Park and several other works that Harwood had completed. This article relates to the thesis of the paper by being a criticism of motherhood as an aspect of life that marginalizes women. Cassandra Atherton is an award-winning writer and Visiting Fellow at Sophia University and has written a variety of criticism of contemporary literature. It is clear that this is meant for academic readers by the use of criticisms that are not typical in everyday reading. This source is significant to the development of the paper that is being constructed because it evaluates motherhood as something that is not celebrated in this work. Specifically, this article will be utilized for an evaluation of a poet’s speaker which claims that the woman had her life stolen from her by motherhood and domesticity. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Berry, Cecelie, ed. Rise up singing: Black women writers on motherhood. Crown, 2009.
This book is a work that has collected various criticisms on black female writers and their interpretations of motherhood. This book is useful to the thesis that is being developed in the paper because of the fact that it grants unique insight into motherhood rather than being a standalone poetic criticism. This interpretation of the poem is one that does not directly fall in line with what is being discussed by the thesis, but is used instead as an avenue in the paper to promote a greater insight. The editor of this book, Cecelie Berry, is a Harvard Law School graduate who has emphasized the study of African American women and their works of art, with the latest being this source. The intended audience for this book could be the casual reader because the book does not delve into specific critical theories, but examines the works of African Americans as a collective. This book is utilized to show that the mother in Daystar is completely exhausted by motherhood and is unable to must yearn for a meditative hour that she is not even able to completely appreciate. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Itrich, Björn M. “The Treatment of Race and Gender in Rita Dove.” (2005). 1-8.
This small published work is an article that examines the intersection of race and gender in the works of Rita Dove. This article is important to the thesis that is developed throughout the paper because it examines the sense of being trapped in motherhood by society. In particular, this article provides an insight into the way that Rita Dove’s speaker in the poem is trapped by her marriage and children and is unable to seek a life that truly belongs to her. She is relegated to dreaming about a long hour of the day when she is able to be truly uninhibited and free even though the moment is fleeting. The author of this work is a published author that has written extensively on African American women and their associated struggles. The audience of this work appears to be an academic one due to the complex interactions of race and gender that are featured throughout the article. Overall, this proved to be a useful article for the purposes of proving the thesis.  < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

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