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Anderson, Terry, and Joe P. Dunn. “The movement and the sixties: Protest in America from         Greensboro to Wounded Knee.” History: Reviews of New Books 24.1 (1995): 15-15.

This article is useful because it examines the processes that go into the protests that have taken place throughout the history of America. The subject matter shows that the primary means of protest in the past involved organizations that had specific leadership and methods of protest that made the movements successful. For example, the article focuses on the movements of the 1960s where individuals would gather in large groups to perform marches, sit-ins, and other acts of civil disobedience that would bring attention to their cause. The article does bring to light the fact that many of the organizations spawned from campus protest groups, meaning that colleges have been a continued influence in modern protest. Yet, the article ultimately reveals that the efficacy of the groups stemmed from the leadership that was available and the sense of unity in the message that was conveyed. This will be used to compare and contrast with the modern Black Lives Matter protests to show why they are not as effective as the traditional methods of protest.

Hope, E. C., Keels, M., & Durkee, M. I. (2016). Participation in Black Lives Matter and deferred             action for childhood arrivals: Modern activism among Black and Latino college    students. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education,9(3), 203.

This article examines the form of modern activism that is prevalent in the Black Lives Matter Movement. Specifically, the article looks at the methodology that is employed by the BLM movement. This is an important article because it discusses the similarities that exist between BLM and the traditional form of activism that took place on college campuses. The article finds similarities in the fact that they are both primarily focused on college campuses, but also finds that there is a great deal of decentralization in the movement. This has led to a lack of cohesiveness in the groups that are dotted throughout the United States. In addition, there appears to be no standing membership that occurs in this group as the majority of individuals come and go from the group during periods of protest and activism. The article will be utilized to show the methods used by BLM as well as the different reasons that it is similar and different from traditional activism. This will be used in conjunction with articles that show the effectiveness of previous protests and those which are taking place in the modern day. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Lee, Yu-Hao, and Gary Hsieh. “Does slacktivism hurt activism?: the effects of moral balancing   and consistency in online activism.” Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, 2013.

This article examines the concept of “slacktivism”, a modern incarnation of activism that is focused on bringing attention to moral issues in society through the internet. The article was based upon a study that hypothesized that the attention that is brought about as a result of the slacktivism ultimately results in benefits for a particular cause. The fact of the matter is that the article showed that people who were frequently exposed to a cause on the internet through Slacktivism, were more likely to donate money to the causes that were being purveyed. This is interesting because it shows that there are some cases in which internet activism can translate to real life change. However, the study suggests that there are limitations to this effect which will be examined in the part of the paper that contends that internet activism is not a potent force and represents a negative element when it comes to activism as a whole. .[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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