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Anarchism has been popular among anti-globalists and anti-capitalists because it underscores the demerits of political authority and governance. Hence, anarchy refers to without rule, and those in support of it advocate for voluntary agreement and cooperation. Anarchists such as William Godwin spoke against the intervention of governments. He argues that human beings can manage their affairs without coercion from a third party (Heywood 106). The centrality of anarchy and the factions that define it highlight the liberty of citizens and ensure that the government does not become predominant. There is no particular manner of practising anarchy since it lends itself to many ideas. The government plays a critical role in protecting property, interpreting and enforcing rules. On the other hand, anarchy gives power to the people. It argues that governance undermines autonomy. Humans have the freedom to act in any manner since there are not bound by rules and regulations. Though one might argue that such kind of statelessness can lead to the advent of crime and other vices, cooperation and cohesion between the public help address this issue.

Additionally, the government has often proven incapable of handling all issues. For instance, there are areas that are well functioning with no state intervention or enforcement. There also exists a wide gap between the poor and the rich. Most if not all policies favor the rich. Anarchy reduces the gap between the rich and the poor and limits such inequality from occurring in the future. Minimal government intervention leads to minimal taxation, which is often not beneficial to the public. Anarchy accentuates less wastage of resources by exercising vigilance and abolishing privilege. 

In conclusion, anarchy has demonstrated that it is against oppression, and it advocates for equality, among other things. Anarchy seeks to build a community/state where power does not exist. Incidences of police brutality show how humans misuse power in the pretext of maintaining order. 


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