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In the paper, “May this Never Happen Again,” the author describes a scene at a college where two survivors of the atom bomb that struck Hiroshima, Japan, in the Second World War speak. Also speaking is the eldest grandson of ex-president Harry Truman, who was the president who authorized the attack on Hiroshima and who knew of the deadly consequences that would last a generation. The brother of a girl who was killed by atomic bomb disease has more than 1,000 paper cranes that his sister made to try to appease the gods so that she could overcome her illness and live. It didn’t work, but he is handing them out to promote peace and so that people remember those who died in Hiroshima so that it doesn’t happen again.

The people in the cities that were bombed, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, didn’t know that the bombs coming out of the sky that day were atomic. One of the survivors came to the microphone to speak. He was six years old when his city was attacked by the Americans. He said the initial attack on Nagasaki was like, “A thousand lighting strikes at once.” His mom grabbed him before covering him with her body. After their house was demolished, they survived and looked for help at a nearby community center. They went from one shelter to the other as the children tried to keep themselves entertained.

People were called to help at the front lines because supplies were limited and the labor was cheap. Many girls were told to help with the agricultural supplies. Female duties included decoding secret messages that were communicated at the Hiroshima armyheadquarters. The girl survivor described a scene to the audience where she was knocked down by the blast and someone encouraged her to get up and find safety. What she found was about two football fields of people dying and begging for water.

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