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The passage is from a short story written by Alice Munro entitled “Royal Beatings.”  It talks about the main character Rose’s response to the phrase “royal beating” after which the story is named.  In addition to clarifying the name of the piece, this excerpt exemplifies one of the main themes of the story: the family conflict and changing relationship between Rose and her stepmother Flo.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

As the story progresses, Rose begins to rebel against her stepmother by talking back to her and refusing to respect her authority, placing further strain on an already tumultuous relationship.  The difference in how they interpret these changes can be seen in the passage.  Flo sees Rose’s rebellion as a serious problem and views her request to Rose’s father to supply retribution “with some high air of necessity and regret.” [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Rose, on the other hand, views even the phrase “royal beating” as an absurdity.  Her disdain for her stepmother is such that “instead of taking this threat to heart” she imagines scenarios of royal beatings as exaggerated scenes of literal royalty and blood, turning her threat into a satirical daydream of “white horses and black slaves…An occasion both savage and splendid.”  However, as the author points out in the passage as a brief act of foreshadowing, “In real life they didn’t approach such dignity.”  The absurdity of the images Rose presents make it clear that she doesn’t understand the physical reality of Flo’s anger as it will soon be manifested by her father.  [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The passage ends by stating that “Rose and her father soon got beyond anything presentable.”  As a result of this trauma, Flo actually begins to see things from Rose’s perspective.  Although by the end of the story Rose and Flo have begun to overcome their differences, this particular passage exemplifies the way their relationship has begun.  Rose refuses to take Flo seriously, while Flo exaggerates her own authority and importance.

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