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Listening is the process of selecting and integrating relevant information in a bid to create, maintain, and foster positive interpersonal relationships. While in active listening, the listeners give full attention to the speaker. This is characterized by leaning forward, maintaining eye contact, nodding your head, and participating in the conversation through offering comments or asking questions. According to Zofi (2007), “just like playing piano,” listening skills improve with practice. And following these guidelines: adjusting the speed of thought, avoid distractions, and listening to the “music behind the word” meaning pay close attention to gestures, body language, and facial cues, this result into an empathic listener, hence, delivering quality care to patients. This study aims at assessing listening skills in the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Impact of active listening on LPN

  1. Active listening is an essential element in the nursing practice. Through active listening, nurses assimilate information provided by the patient thus eventually arriving at the right diagnosis through which he/she can treat and offer medication.
  2. Through listening, a nurse can give the patient a feeling of hope and self-worth by offering them verbal reassurance. For instance, during transfer of Mrs. Connors to a nursing home Joe comforts her with words of love and the patient holds Joe’s hand while smiling.

Licensed Practical Nurse may employ the use of role-playing with their patients (Babatsikou & Gerogianni, 2016). This is where the nurse actively listens to the patient to gain a better understanding of their condition by encouraging them to express their fears and worries by promising them confidentiality. In turn, fosters trust between the nurse and the patient. During this process, nurses should respect their patients as the notion of respect fosters close relationship through which the patient will be honest and open. For clients who are temperamental, nurses should be tolerant and talk in a conciliatory tone.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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