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The article, “For U.S. Parents, a Troubling Happiness” by KJ DELL’ANTONIA published in the New York Times On 17th of June 2016 assert that parents are less happy than nonparents. In other words, the author argues that having children makes one less happy as compared to people with no kids. In particular, parents from United States have the largest happiness gap as compared to their counterparts who do not have children (Dell ‘Antonia, 2016). In this writing prompt, the following will be explored; the central argument of the article, the research study the argument use to support it, the type of data used in the study,  the kind of research methodology used in the study and the main findings reported.

This argument is based on the research conducted by Professor Jennifer Glass of the University of Texas who researched on the contributing factors that may have led to discrepancies in happiness as far as parent and non parents are concerned. Precisely, the research was also meant to explain why there is greater happiness difference between parents and non parents in the United States than in other parts of the world. The author avers that one of the major factors that can be used to explain the difference is the social policies that are family friendly (Dell ‘Antonia, 2016). To clarify, Parents in countries with policies that make it easier and cheaper to raise a child and work at the same time are happier than those in countries with no such kind of policies.

Most importantly, the modern parent culture in US may have a negative impact on American parent’s happiness. To put it differently, in the United States, Parents are always anxious about their Children’s education and future, and puts a lot of stress on keeping their children safe with criticism to parents who do not do so (Dell ‘Antonia, 2016). For example, the author state; while it is okay for a 6 years child in Japan to take a 4 year old neighbor child out to play, such a kind of action may make the involved parents to be criticized by the child protective services in the United States.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The kind of data used in this research study was primary as well as secondary. To clarify, the researcher tested several alternatives that contribute to parental happiness, which show they conducted experiments leading to extraction of primary data. In addition, the researcher compared family-friendly social policies among different countries, which indicates they had to go into already written information about countries’ social policies. Without out a doubt, this confirms that secondary data was used during the research.

The research study which the article is based on used the survey research design and documentary analysis methodologies to collect data. Most compelling evidence, the researcher conducted a survey on the cultural differences on how children are reared in US and in other countries. In addition, it is clear that the researcher analyzed various written works on family friendly social policies of different countries to make comparisons.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

In my opinion, I believe the research data and methods are in line with conclusions made in the article. To clarify, Dr. Glass, the researcher found that one of the contributing factors to this difference in parental happiness is the unfavorable family policies (Dell ‘Antonia, 2016). On the other hand, the Author implies that to reduce this happiness gap between parents and non parents, there has to be improvements on the family policies and more focus need to be put on ways to make it easier for people to combine family and work.

In conclusion, the research used good research methods to collect the required data. In my opinion, I think the arguments could be further improved by using interviews and questionnaires. Of course, this could help in getting more direct information from the respondents to help make more informed and strong conclusions.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Dell ‘Antonia, K, J. (2016, June 17). For U.S. Parents, a Troubling Happiness GapThe New York Times, Retrieved on 21st of October 2016

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