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A Brief Examination of the Modern Prom Dress

Research has revealed that devices such as prom dresses exemplify the freedom of expression encompassed within the realm of a new generation of young adults. In an ever-expanding world of cultural diversity, concepts such as the individualistic theory perpetuate from one generation onto the next. For example, prom night is coined one of the most important events during a high school student’s lifetime. The ever so embellishing prom dress, in today’s world, is a monumental statement that differentiates today’s young women from her predecessors who indulged upon the idealistic concept generations before them. Rafaeil (2018) reveals how modern prom dress designs have been revitalized from traditional prom silhouettes into glamourous fashion focused clothing with celebrity appeal. The modern prom dress offers an intricate high- end look that caters to the preference of a highly diversified contemporary young woman.  

Literature Review

      Prom dresses are no longer just simple layers of tulle (Rafaeil, 2018, p.4). The traditional conservative gown has evolved into a dazzling catwalk model assortment of dresses made up of spaghetti straps, original cutouts, and an array of colors that symbolize the cultural diversity evident of modern times. Also, color coordination has become a trending effort that focuses on individual personality attributes among young women. Modern prom dresses offer dramatic clashes- mixing gold with nude or red, and silver with a splash of black or blue (Rafaeil, 2018, p.8). Young women today are free to be glamourous, express themselves without barriers, and let the tone of their natural curves compliment the design of the prom dresses that offer the experience of a lifetime.



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