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9 Awesome Blogs for Students

Social media and blogging have been under attack for a rather long time on a charge of depriving students of real-life, face-to-face interaction. Under current conditions, it is becoming clear that we can use these ‘digital bridges’ to actually become closer to each other. And while Facebook and Instagram are notorious time stealers, well-chosen blogs can not only help you feel less lonely and find new friends but also give you an opportunity to learn something new and exciting, discover helpful tips and hacks, boost your motivation and even make your dreams come true! We have compiled for you a list of the most useful and interesting blogs that focus on diverse aspects of student life.
1. College Info Geek
College Info Geek is a stylish and time-sensitive blog created by Thomas Frank and his team. Its ambition is to help students “learn effectively, spend less time studying, and become more productive (even if you’re not in college).” The topics include such essentials as Studying and Learning, Productivity, Career Skills, and Life Skills. In the spirit of the time, a separate category called “Remote” contains materials aimed at helping you succeed in your work and study from the comforts of your home.
2. The Student Blogger
It is a great digital meeting place that caters for all tastes. It covers such topics as lifestyle, fashion, beauty, recipes, money, jobs. College students will also find here reviews that will help them choose the best book-bags, low-budget gifts, and holiday reads. The highlight of this blog is its Infographics Category with fun visuals illustrating top tips for effective exam revision, guidelines for getting your dream job, storage hacks for student accommodation, and a plenitude of other relevant topics, handy guides, and fun facts. If you are just starting university, the Student Blogger has newbie-friendly tips and hacks.
3. Student Life Network Blog
It is an online student hub based in Canada, which has amazing productivity of 1 post per day. But it is not the case of quality sacrificed on the altar of quantity. The blog offers well-written and informative articles that can be of use for students worldwide. The topics include Student Life, Money, and Wellness. Here you can find tips on building a CV when you have zero experience, suggestions for finding part-time jobs for students with no time, guidelines for creating a learning-from-home routine, ways to prepare for an online exam, and many other classy materials.
4. The International Student Blog
If you study away from home, you might find The International Student Blog both useful and interesting. The blog offers a variety of publications from “Tips for Taking Classes Online” to “Cleaning Up Your Social Media for Employers.” You will also find here college news and information about various scholarships, grants, and programs worldwide.
5. The Student Minds Blog
Student Minds is a student mental health charity. Its mission is to empower students to “look after their own mental health, support others, and create change.” All the posts are written by students or recent graduates who offer tips on tackling different challenges at college, share their personal experience of overcoming psychological problems, and review news in the sphere of mental health.
6. Grammarly Blog
Grammarly Blog is a digital writing guru that will provide you with practical composition, grammar, communication, and career tips. Here you will learn how to improve your vocabulary and memorize new words, effectively edit your own writing, write efficiently on your smartphone, use writing to improve your mental health, and many other amazing things. The Grammarly team have also made it a point to keep you motivated by posting such fun and entertaining materials as, for example, “5 Positive Phrases That Make Your Communication More Optimistic” or “7 Famous Writers’ Unconventional Workspaces, Explained.”
7. DoMyEssay Blog
It is the ultimate go-to resource for college students and aspiring writers. Here you will find detailed and user-friendly guides to all the major types of essays and other written assignments, examples, and templates. You will learn to come up with an expert thesis statement, design an intriguing ‘hook’ for your introduction, and create a viable essay outline. You will also get help with citation styles and formatting. As a delightful bonus, the authors offer a variety of study-related tips on topics that range from note-taking to scholarships. To crown it all, DoMyEssay can help you learn the mechanics of academic writing with the help of sample essays on any topic of your choice.
8. Dorm Room Biz
It is a blog created by Chris Pund back in 2005 for student entrepreneurs. Since then, Chris has been doing his best to help young people launch their own business “from a dorm room or similar location while in college.” Dorm Room Biz posts are related to such essential topics as blogging, monetizing websites, marketing, bootstrapping, and business ideas. Chris never fails to inspire his readers with success stories and words of encouragement because he believes that students are great entrepreneurs and have everything it takes to make their dreams come true.
9. Study Hacks Blog
It is an ideal digital friend for those students who appreciate a longer and more thought-provoking read. Its author, Cal Newport, is a computer science professor at Georgetown University writing about “the intersection of digital technology and culture” in his free time. Newport’s articles have been published in such media giants as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, Washington Post, and Economist. In his blog, Newport offers career advice, study tips, and also detailed and highly readable posts on such topics as, for example, remote work, manual labor, social media, down-shifting, etc. Study Hacks Blog is not only about tips and hacks. It hosts serious materials that will nourish an inquisitive mind but also profoundly unsettle it with questions that do not have ready-made answers.

William Nicholson, a famous author and screenwriter, said in an interview, “As I had CS Lewis say in Shadowlands, ‘We read to know we’re not alone.’ I still believe that is true.” We cannot but agree with this insight. So, keep calm, read on, and know – you are not alone!

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