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Non-probability Sampling
In this sampling method, all the procedures used in sampling units that make up the sample are commonly collected with no specified probability structure. For example, the units in the sampling process are self-selected. Such methods rely on unquantifiable and unpredictable factors like the experience of the researcher or luck. They are regarded correctly as inferior to other probability methods now that they offer no statistical basis on which the sampling method success can be evaluated. However, if the researcher cannot generate the samples through probability, this sampling technique cannot be avoided but should instead be applicable as a last resort (Freshwater, Sherwood, and Drury, 2006). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Probability Sampling
The basis of this sampling method is the sampling units’ selection making up the sample by defining the probability that every unit in the sample will be included.  The most significant feature of this sampling method is that each time the same approach is applied to the same sample frame, a different sample is generated.  In the case of an excellent population, simple combinational arithmetic can be used in calculating the number of samples that a researcher may draw from a specified sample frame in a way that there will be no two samples that will be similar. From any given population sample of N number of objects, NCn number of different samples can be drowned, each one of them containing n sampling units (Freshwater, Sherwood, and Drury, 2006). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

In the case of the probability sampling structure, the primary concern is the likelihood of each sample being picked, and not the possibility of selecting individual units. If each sample has the chance of being selected as every other sample, then every sampling unit has equal chances of being included just like every other unit in the sampling process (Freshwater, Sherwood, and Drury, 2006).    [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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