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2012 “Scare” In the USA and Its Misuse of Ancient Documents

The year 2012 became a phenomenon due to the beliefs on eschatology events that were predicted to occur on 21 December 2012. The American people deemed the date as an end-time date that was to last a long cycle concurring with the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Maya was from America in Mesoamerica, and he developed the long count calendar system, which comprised of cycles (Balint). The festal season also occurred on 21 December 2012 to celebrate the event with the countries contributing to the Maya civilization. The cycles of the long count calendar were supposed to end on 21 December, the year of eschatological times (Balint). There was also a proposal of astrophysical configurations and numerological blueprints on 21 December 2012. Recent astronomy and the Maya mysteries were the greatest fear for people as they were believed to be the ones to cause the disaster.

In the exploitation of the ancient texts and misuse of the ancient text of revelation, there is an Apocalypse. The former ancient texts apocalypse was formed from the basis of Maya and illustrate the creation of three unsuccessful worlds by gods and the fourth world in which human being was positioned. The fourth world ended on date, on 21 December 2012, according to Maya (Balint). Apocalypse and apocalypticism from the latter ancients text of revelation were derived from the Greek word apocalyptic, which means revelation or vision (Farrel). The word apocalypticism in revelation definition was a belief of the eschatological time, and human nature was in control of evil. The sovereign of the evil would end through God’s intercession and God would then create new eternal life for the virtuous followers. The connection between the former and the later ancient times is the creation of different worlds. In addition, is the creation of a final world that was ordained by God for human existence. 

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