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The political situation in Texas has significantly affected the education system, business operations and social life in general. According to statistical data, business corporations correctly connected to the government make huge profits from taxpayer’s money. From my view, the government doesn’t go any far in assisting people to live a quality life because it denies them essential services which are crucial in life, for example; good education and other opportunities. Compared to other states in the U.S.A, the political situation in Texas is has a negative effect on equal education opportunity. Hence, it would be very vital to understand political knowledge and positions so as to come up with strategies that will make a forward move.

The education system in Texas seems to be biased in a way (Zeeble, 2016). This is because most of the taxpayer’s money is directed only to public schools hence discriminating against private and individual schools. Political leaders who have been holding electoral seats side on government institutions and consider giving private schools a chance as a waste of resources. If public schools were to exist in exceptional of individual ones, then the population of learning institutions would be lower in number (Zeeble, 2016). This has resulted to overpopulation in Texas schools, which consequently leads to numerous issues such as, poor performance by some students among other complexities that emerge in the process. To illustrate, some kids are born with some disabilities and need special schools either to be owned privately and with the little aid of taxpayer’s money to oversee their success. Without doubt, disabled kids who attend regular public schools register poor performance because most of them are slow learners.

On the contrary, Political situation does not consider supporting institutions that will tackle these problems. To solve this, it would be very recommendable for an investor to come up with a privately owned school that handles slow learners (Svitek, 2016). This would be economically healthy due to employment opportunities that will emerge by recruiting tutors who will handle these kids in a special way. By doing this, the performance of schools at large will rise accordingly. However, political situation in Texas seems to turn around where some individuals come up to fight for equal school choice opportunities (Svitek, 2016). The parents should make decisions where to place their siblings without discrimination of any kind. In particular, the Texas government claims to save billions of cash by denying educational services to its people. They view distributing this money to private institutions as a waste of time as well as denying public schools opportunity whereas in the real sense, it would promote the growth of public schools in a way (Svitek, 2016). For example, withdrawing disruptions of learners with particular disabilities would raise the standards of these schools. On my side, it is questionable to the Texas government where all these saved money goes to if they cannot satisfy education purpose to its people, which is a fundamental requirement for any kind of government.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The government plays a great role in this topic, and it’s the determiner of the position of the education system in Texas. It plays various roles such as policy formulation, collection and distribution of taxpayer’s money among others. For a free choice of the school curriculum to be in practice, the policymakers, and lawmakers has to participate extensively by coming with laws that support this move. For example, Governor Patrick waits for the downfall of previously elected members so as to present a debate in the House on free school choice. The policy should also be passed in Texas to see that taxpayer’s money is distributed evenly to private and public supporters.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

the government to ensure democracy and evenly distribution of resources to its people. A political setting supporting public school only as the case of Texas should be discouraged. Indeed, there should be equality in the education system.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]


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