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Basic Features of Constructivism

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Constructivism is centered on the idea that human beings actively build knowledge based on their previous knowledge. Several features define the pedagogical approach.  Amongst them is that knowledge is constructed (Yilmaz, 2008). Learners combine pieces of knowledge in unique ways. Each of them learns something based on personal experiences, believes, and knowledge acquired in the past. This feature suggests that the past is a matter of importance for learners since it is the foundation of learning. 

Another feature is learning to learn while learning. Learning involves the active construction of meanings and the learning systems (Yilmaz, 2008). Learners who are engaged in learning about a certain phenomenon also understand the systems through which the phenomenon came to be. It means that the process of learning gives a better understanding of other things. It improves the learner’s ability to learn about other things in the future. 

Constructivism is also defined by the fact that learning is a social activity. The process of learning is linked to the learner’s connection to other people with whom he/she interacts (Yilmaz, 2008). For example, the process of learning in school is impacted by the interaction with teachers and fellow students. Interactions and active conversations play a major role in ensuring progressive learning. For this reason, understanding the connections with the people around and optimizing them for the learning process is of immense importance. 

Learning is also an active process. It demands the active input of senses to understand the meaning (Yilmaz, 2008). Learners are required to take an active approach to the process since passivity does not enable the learner to build knowledge from past acquaintances, beliefs, and understanding. For example, a student must actively pursue knowledge by reading books, engaging in discussions, and participating in practical activities for them to learn.  



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