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World war II

The Coping Military

After world war II ended, the impact was felt globally. Different countries and regions were impacted differently by the war. First, there was a restored determination to achieve enduring harmony through global organizations. In 1945 there was the establishment of The United Nations to supplant the League of Nations after unsuccessfully maintaining armistice. Furthermore, the war led to patriotism and freedom awakening in African and Asian states. The impact of colonist powers declined after the war, making it easy for freedom movements to arise. The world experienced a shift in global politics with the new winners of the war. World war two saw an end to European supremacy and ushered in US and Soviet superpowers.

In the US, The Second World War straightforwardly and by implication affected the nation. The united states and the Soviet Union emerged as the war winners, thus becoming the superpowers. After the second world war, the united states and the Soviet Union gained supremacy in global politics and remained primary competitors, propagating distinct philosophies. As a result of the varying ideologies, the aftermath of the second world war was the inception of the cold war. The rift between the east and the west philosophies started to build tension. The nuclear era started after the Soviet Union built up its atomic, offsetting the previous US nuclear power domination.

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Assignment

America’s inclusion in World War II essentially affected the economic and labor force of the state. Due to the Great depression effects, the United States was recuperating with a joblessness rate close to 20%. However, that rate changed and dropped after participation in the second world war. American industrial facilities were revised to create merchandise to help the conflict exertion, thus creating job opportunities and curbing unemployment. Women were recruited to assume previously occupied positions by men, whereas men were left to participate in the battlefield. Initially, women were confined to household chores while men went to work. Furthermore, world war two led to reasonable income distribution. For the first time, ladies and African Americans were allowed to work. Savings increased as wages improved, generally improving people’s life.

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