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The stakeholders

The stakeholders in this endeavor are professional nursing group such as AACN and nursing professionals working in the health industry. The essay writer nursing groups and nursing professionals were the main stakeholders involved in the process of developing a consensus statement on the credentialing of advanced practice registered nurses.

The position that professional groups have with regard to the credentialing of advanced practice registered nurses is the same as that of the professional nurses in the industry. The position is that developing a consensus will be the best course of action for the futures of both stakeholders in the health industry (Newhouse, et al., 2011).

The potential variables in the implementation process that could impact the endeavors related to this issue include the notion among some professionals that preserving unique differences is more important than unity. Similarly, open communication is an important variable that will determine whether an appropriate consensus can be reached among the professionals and nursing organizations.

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Some of the strategies that can be used to address the variables is to call for collaboration among the professionals by highlighting the advantages of working together to achieve a common goal. Also, encouraging open communication among the nursing organizations and the professionals will help overcome the challenges that will prevent reaching a consensus (Newhouse, et al., 2011).

The most current information about individual states and restrictions on the scope of practice can be found from the APRN stakeholder community. This is because different organizations have relevant information on the scope of practice of health organizations within their jurisdiction.

Removing the restrictions on the scope of practice for APRNs will be a useful step towards the improvement of quality health care in the country. This is because it will ensure the professionals are well trained and capable of handling a large number of challenges and specialties within their profession.


Newhouse, R., et al. (2011). Advanced Practice Nurse Outcomes: 1990-2008: A Systematic Review. Nursing Economics. 29 (5).

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