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Question 1
Based on the reading of Sacred Geometry Philosophy & Practice, discuss how the Greeks and Egyptians used geometry?

The Greeks used geometry in many ways. One of the most major ways the Greeks used geometry was to study the stars. Plato thought the moon and stars wold have a circular motion, because that is the simplest motion that can go on endlessly. But another way, a way that was shared with the Romans, was to plan the construction of churches, religious monuments, sacred groves and holy wells. And this is the sacred aspect cited in the reading.

How did they discover geometry?

Geometry was discovered through the pre-modern mathematics and the other are where it was discovered was through numbers. For the Greeks, geometry was their society’s crown jewel. The geometry was expanded to surfaces, solids, figures and curves. They used logical deduction, evolving the previous form of solely trial and error. The Romans discovered it predominantly through engineering, but not much with mathematics.

Do you agree with their study? Where do you disagree?

I think the study is fairly complete; however, it does not give enough credit to the other societies that dealt closely with geometry. Specifically, Egyptian geometry is among the most amazing of them all, and was used to construct the pyramid. The Egyptians also discovered a way to approximate the area of a circle, which is a major breakthrough.

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