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The image of nurses today is of a professional nature. Nurses are no longer considered to be an inconsequential aspect in health care interventions. In the past, nursing was projected to be lower than the medical profession. In recent times, nurses have reinforced the integral part they play in interventions. Thus, the development of nursing guidelines and protocols. This is an evidence of the revolution that is taking place in the nursing industry. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Nonetheless, the view that is extended to nurses remains narrow. Nurses are still not being extended due recognition for their efforts (Hoeve, Jamsen, & Roodbol, 2013). Even though it is the public that extends this view, the physicians and hospital regulatory bodies are responsible for the view. This is because the frameworks that form part of many healthcare institutions, limit the nurses’ access to media and patient families. Nurses are also responsible for the image that has been reinforced. It also a consequence of professional interactions and cultural background. Nurses view themselves as “Angels of Mercy” and not professionals with limits (Fink, 2013). They tend to overlook their priorities for those of the physicians and the patients. These inspire the subordination of the nurses. Personally, when I see a nurse, the image that comes to my mind is that of a handmaiden. I see her as an individual who only administers interventions based on the physician’s demands. Therefore, she is just a connection between the source of the intervention and the patient. This image does not please me. Because, the truth is as nurses, we do more than just administer drugs to the patients (Hoeve, Jamsen, & Roodbol, 2013). We are responsible for most of the technical processes that go into treating the patients.

Conclusively. I associate nursing with the medical profession just as is with the physicians. The entire profession entails discipline, skill, persistence and knowledge. Nurses have the expertise that is indispensable in remedying the issues that afflict patients. I would like nurses to be associated with professionalism and not merely as being assistants to the physicians. Nurses should further be extended more recognition for their efforts in remedying health concerns.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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