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Studying Early Childhood Education

 Studying Early Childhood Education

Studying early childhood education has been an eye-opening experience for me. It has showed me the importance of ensure proper education among young children so that an entire society can benefit. I became more aware of the importance of transformative change. Particularly, I learned that essay writer current trends form the dominant narrative about what is considered to be early childhood education. They deny both the children and educators many of the rich opportunities for engagement, democratic process and curiosity. He is also quite critical of current language, policy and practice, while also drawing on his own experience in working in the early childhood setting. His critical approach has made me take a different look at early childhood education and its implications in the school system.

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            Another important component I learned was in regards to the attention that is given by the Canadian governments. The policymakers have given considerable attention to the curriculum of early childhood education. Specifically, the neoliberalized school readiness plays an important role as selectively targeted problems of the ELCC, and the pre-school intervention has been proposed to be a solution.


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