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The presentation describes the management strategy for a successful business. It starts by comparing business and corporate strategies and movement along the value chain that incorporates vertical integration and horizontal diversification. Diversification and ways to diversify a business are also expressed while considering ways to add value and mechanism of value addition through the Six Ss, before concluding with the mechanism of destroying value through diversification. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) growth-share matrix is also described as a tool that is key in planning strategies alongside the four Bs of acquisition integration strategies. 

Some of the key talking points from the lecture include ways of diversification as a corporate business strategy that enables an entity to buy its way or get at it alone. The levels of diversification and value addition through diversification through resource creation and exploitation are some of the great lessons derived from the lecture. Learning about destroying value through diversification was equally essential. It shows how excess tools when poorly used can lead to failure in management and a decline in the value of an entity. Irrespective of the number of tools, their utilization is more important than the number.

The BCG Matrix is another area that the lecture introduces which is key in a business setup. It provides an accurate way for firms to determine what activities to continue and those that they should stop from a managerial assessment. While the Cash Cows component appears to be generally safe and worth recommending to continue operating, Question Marks seemed like a high risk but high reward asset for firms. On the other hand, while activities in the Dogs and Stars category may be common, it would be fascinating to view how firms would consider their responses and reactions regarding Cash Cows and Question Marks.

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