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Shortchanged: Week 14 Discussion Forum

  • What did you find the most interesting about this reading? Why?

It was interesting reading about the wealth escalator and the debt anchor. Learning about the component of the wealth escalator is interesting as it enables one to convert income into assets. Therefore, it is prudent to provide both men and women with equal job opportunities and salaries for efficient wealth creation. Engaging men in parenting will reduce the debt anchor in women, thereby saving for wealth creation.

  • What do you consider to be the book’s biggest strength? Make sure to explain why you find it to be a strength.

The book provides the social structures that hinder women from possessing property. Government institutions and other organizations can tap this information to assist in economically empowering women. Women are also made aware of their rights in family assets and other opportunities of creating wealth, such as low-interest loans and entrepreneurship.

  • What do you consider to be this book’s biggest weakness? Please make sure to explain why you find it to be a weakness.

The author of the book has not talked about how women can invest their money or enhance their financial knowledge. Money is crucial for any investment to be undertaken. Women are paid lower salaries at the workplace that is spent on numerous responsibilities. Women require knowledge on expenditure regulation to save for wealth creation.

  • What is one question you have after reading?

Will there be a time in world history that women will be wealthier than men? Women being mothers have the burden of taking care of the children; hence little finance is left for building wealth. Society has generally considered women as a lesser gender to take part in wealth creation. Even the most wealthy world personalities with noble innovations are men. When are women going to realize their potential and rise to be wealthier than men?

  • How do you think future studies could build upon this book?

Research into why institutions and organizations employing women pay them lower salaries than men is significant to build this book. What are the hindering factors in women that make them earn lower salaries? Women would realize their weaknesses and improve at the workplace to increase earnings for wealth creation.



Chang, M. L. (2012). Shortchanged: Why women have less wealth and what can be done about it. New York: Oxford University Press.

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