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My Political Ideology

Political ideology refers to a particular set of principles, ethical ideals, and doctrines of a large group or class that illustrates how a society should function. The ideology is vital in a community because it provides a cultural or political blueprint of the social order that should be adopted. Political ideologies have two main dimensions: how society should be structured and the mechanism of achieving the goal. There are multiple political ideologies, including liberalism, fascism, conservatism, feminism, and environmentalism. Political ideologies have a broad spectrum where some are considered to be moderate, left or right. One of the most common political ideologies is liberalism which refers to enhancing and protecting people’s freedoms. Liberals have diverse views but mainly support free trade, free markets, individual rights, and democracy. The other leading political ideology in society is conservatism, where leaders emphasize maintaining the present political structures by resisting change. In Canada, for instance, conservatives preferred keeping relations with the British monarchy and the continuation of the old political institutions.

While there are many types of political ideologies, environmentalism stands out as the best ideology that leaders should implement. Environmentalism refers to the movement and ideas that promote the planet’s conservation by reducing the impacts of human activities. Environmentalists recognize the damage caused on the earth by different human activities, such as the rising global temperatures due to global emissions. The ideology is also described as an ethical movement because it strives to protect and improve the quality of the natural environment by eliminating harmful human activities. Environmentalism centers on enhancing the status of all living things in the natural environment by implementing economic, social, and political policies. Apart from preserving the natural elements in the community, environmentalists believe in protecting the critical resources in the universe that vital in the development and survival of humanity. One of the most pressing issues currently at the center stage of the environmentalists is climate change that threatens the survival of all living things. For example, climate change has led to food insecurity, water scarcity, rising sea levels, loss of habitat biodiversity, and loss of indigenous environments. Therefore environmentalists believe that the political class should prioritize protecting the environment.

One of the reasons I hold environmentalism with high regard is that it addresses the core challenges affecting the indigenous communities. Indigenous communities rely heavily on the ecological richness of the planet for their social, economic, and cultural wellbeing. Therefore, extreme climate disasters such as heatwaves, floods, cyclones, and wildfires significantly affect the indigenous communities adversely. In east Canada, for example, traditional medicine and food security have been affected considerably by the salinization of freshwater due to the rising sea levels. In addition, climate change has worsened the suffering of indigenous people by increasing the need to move to other regions. As a female indigenous person, I believe that environmentalism is the ideal political ideology that will safeguard the lives of our community and our future generations. The current status of the environment makes me worried about the future of the indigenous community. They rely heavily on the ecological richness of the environment, and its ongoing destruction causes sustainability concerns. If the society adopts the environmentalism political ideology, the future security of indigenous communities will be safeguarded.

An environmentalism political ideology serves the interests of the indigenous community because their main priority is the conservation of the environment. The world has been unfair to the communities where they are mostly affected by capitalism. Environmental degradation has reduced the access to subsistence resources by the indigenous communities, which forces them to work in the capital-labor markets. In some cases, indigenous communities illustrate frustration when forced to move from their ancestral lands by the capitalist system. The other reason why environmentalism resonates with my positionality as a female indigenous person is that I have witnessed the suffering my family has had to go through for years. Our indigenous lands have been significantly affected by human activities as the government prioritizes commercial interests over the environment. I think that the status quo needs to change to ensure that future generations have better lives. Failure to take action to reverse the adverse impacts of climate change will devastate the planet immensely. Various indigenous communities are currently suffering in Canada and other regions globally, and the situation is likely to worsen with the current trends. Therefore, I hold the interest of the indigenous people and other human beings at heart, and I believe that the environmentalism political ideology aligns with my beliefs.

View of Political World

The political world refers to how people in different regions make decisions that affect social lives and acts. The political world has had tremendous impacts on society by affecting the social and economic status of people. In most cases, political decisions are influenced by the powerful elites who desire to have all decisions made in their favor. Unfortunately, the political world is currently in a mess because of increased inequality. The rich continue to grow wealthier as the poor continue to grow poorer. One of the reasons for the current situation is that when a person is born to a wealthy family, he or she gains access to the best services in healthcare, education, and job opportunities. Therefore such a person is unlikely to experience poverty in their lifetime unless something extraordinary happens.

Also, in the current political world, few people have the power to control resources while others are left in want. The situation is dire and must be corrected to ensure that all people enjoy their lives. The political world is currently illustrated by power relations regarding who has power and who doesn’t. I think that the imbalance must be fixed to ensure that the political structures protect all creatures in the world. The environmental, political ideology stands out as the best strategy for fixing the current state of the world. In this case, the ideology seeks to improve the lives of all creations collectively by safeguarding the environment. With the environmental ideology, all human beings will have better lives regardless of their social status.

The Best Possible World

The best possible world is where equality and equality are achieved in the distribution of resources and representation in the political class. The best possible world is where all human beings have enough resources and enjoy their lives without many challenges. All people in such a world must have a voice to present their views without fear. I also believe that the best possible world is where all people unite to safeguard the environment to ensure sustainability. The lives of the indigenous people and those of the minority groups must be respected and all their interests protected. Also, people must utilize resources responsibly and sustainably to leave enough for the future. Power should also be held by the people and not by the few powerful and rich elite. The world must ensure that poverty is alleviated and all people have access to social supports and care by eliminating inequality.

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