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Camera Shots in the Movie “Insecure”

The movie Insecure” exhibits different camera shots and moves in its production. The zoon technique adds depth and visual interest to the video. The producer uses zoom creatively to let the audience focus on the conversation between Issa and Lawrence. Pan is also utilized in its production, as the camera is moved horizontally to let the audience focus better on either character through the sense of location. 

The zoom and pan camera moves change directly after the first scene between Issa and Lawrence. Regular shots are made to increase the energy in the fast-paced scene of the movie. The instant change in camera moves shows the passing of time in a comical way, where Issa recalls her dates with different men, some asking the same questions. The shots made ensure that the audience gets a realistic perception of her history throughout the film.

The distinct types of creative shots following her action throughout the film create the sense of forwarding momentum, emphasizing her character directly after breaking up with Lawrence. The different camera movements let one recall her history with different men within the same area. Additionally, the similar acts of being curious about her history across all of them make one intrigued to re-watch the film. The impact made to the key scenes allowed me to participate in the action. 

The editor chose the shots to add realism to the film. As such, the audience is brought closer to the action being presented by Issa. A dreamlike atmosphere is also made when Issa recalls her past dates with different men. Additionally, the editor wanted the audience to track what the main character, Issa, saw. While the camera was mostly static and stationary across most of the scenes, the creativity in the types of shots selected made the film interesting to watch.

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