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Research Problem

Research Problem

2.0 Problem

The paper aims to discuss about the HR issue of diversity of employees at workplace. Diversity of employees and service output is affected by discrimination as one of the major challenges in human resource at workplace for many organizations. The diversity in a workplace exists in terms of religion, gender, language, culture, national origin, disability, age and race and pregnancy status (Baboolal, 2021). 

2.1 Identify a problem within your work setting

The problem of study within my work setting is the HR issue of diversity of employees at workplace. Conflicts can also arise when staffs reject certain subcultures and beliefs. Acceptance encourages praise and prevents conflict from breaking down. According to Bharadwaj, (2019), discrimination has been used to attack employees. Diversity takes the world of Human Coffers (HR) by storm; many life wisdom organizations recognize the benefits of a separate fund. However, it would not be without their difficult circumstances. With employees working more than 35 hours a week, in close contact, a fight will be inevitable, and if not because of your diligence, plant diversity can be addictive and expensive. There are no denying the many benefits of different plants; multiplied productivity, higher seamless operating capacity and fiscal boom.

2.2 Explain the purpose of this study and why it is significant for this to be addressed

The purpose of the study is to investigate the HR issue of diversity of employees at workplace. Research done by Edosomwan, (2021) shows that discrimination occurs when one is unqualified to oversee a job or hire skill due to origin, conditions, or special ops due to bone expression. Boundaries can arise from marriage, such as when one learns to plant boundaries because of the characteristics of the person who can buy them. The difference is possible even if the attacker is also protected by the reputation of the victim. For example, if someone starts hating someone based on a public place, there is an equal percentage

3.0 Rationale

The reason for studying the HR issue of diversity of employees at workplace is to establish the employees’ discrimination oppression because of their origin, language, race, etc and solutions to it. Simple random sampling was used in the study. In addition to the main types of explanations outlined in the EEOC, researchers and practitioners in the region often deal with a wide range of boundaries that affect certain communities more than ever. The term entry level is a general term used to describe when a person is denied access to a position due to certain characteristics similar to individual organization or social background: gender, race, age or other. When the boundaries of health describe the work state in which people work, others take care of themselves as if they were working, including access to individuals and speed related to work or cost.

Pogorelova, (2018) found that sexual discrimination generally relates to preferences based on a person’s sexuality and may occur, but should not include, unsolicited sexual information, please sexual orientation or physical and verbal expression of gender. Although members of the sexual population can suffer from sexual arousal, girls are a major target for this type of adultery. Age is defined as the use of hands or mental health care for which there is no question due to age. The Fair Age Employment Act (ADEA) prohibits the distribution of people over the age of 40. The law prohibits age-appropriate harassment, which can include negative influences or harassment that could create a negative image. Bad person is someone who has a physical or internal trauma that prevents either person from having sex with another person. Disability is defined as when the hand or person under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has a disability or internal disability. The ADA is a public policy that prohibits restrictions on work, accidents, social housing, and communication by people with disabilities.

3.1 What existing work setting data (evidence) support the problem you identified?

Amazon has faced problems of diversity with discrimination at workplace. However, Amazon’s diverse multidisciplinary office and human resource environment is committed to establishing a diversified workforce based on the geographic, public, ethical, and psychological well-being of its employees. The site distributes Amazon mobile products to more than 100 countries, and it is impossible to cover many places around the world if diversity in operations and employees are not allowed. According to Damman (2018), Amazon needs to overcome mobile competition, which can be a key player. Many shortcuts and multiple backups also weigh on Amazon as it allows low-income employees to move around the store (Baboolal, 2021). In this case, Amazon had to invest many different resources to make the most of its harassment of other players (

3.2 What evidence from the research literature addresses the problem you identified?

A study conducted by Apau & Koranteng, (2019) found that the highest efficiency of 4 civil law cases and most of the 100 cases of this period were supported in 4 cases of the period where time is a separate request. Although many programs attract and retain women and non-women, all have implications for non-minority workers. If the reach is not well controlled, volunteers and men may feel isolated or unaffected by the establishment of rules. By conducting experimental studies of 151 painters in our main building, he explored whether the proportion of beauty organizations based on race or sexuality was affected by meeting absence conditions, mental relationships with beauty organizations, work and mood swings. Racial or color discrimination affects the treatment of an individual or candidate unfairly because of their race or because of physical characteristics often associated with race, such as pores and skin, hair color , hair texture or some kind of face. According to the context of the public story, there are programs in the factory where all the employees comply with the law if they hate the workers in a bad way. For example, a specific indication of whether or not to wear special haircuts might be unfair to African-American workers, and the same ball would be banned unless necessary.

According to research, the description of diversity by female and race or age is less. Diversity is a term used to describe situations where key organizations within an organization understand that they may encounter boundaries based on race or gender. This type of interpretation is not uncommon, but is often recognized when the main body understands that members of protected (special) classes (Damman, 2018). They are now being targeted to open makers or trainers based on their interests rather than their interests given based on race or gender. 

4.0 Research Questions
The following research questions were used in the study:

4.1 Quantitative Research Question 1:
What is the relation between gender and diversity at work place?
4.2 Quantitative Research Question 2: 

What is the relation between religion and diversity at work place?
4.3 Qualitative Research Question 3: 

What are the perceptions, attitudes, opinions of co-workers regarding (state) and diversity at work place?.
5.0 Definition of key terms: 

Human Resource (HR) – The department is in charge of employee welfare and recruitment.

Workplace – The place where people work

Employees- They are workers in an organization

Diversity- It entails embracing a wide variety of people or things


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