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In this essay, I would like to investigate the countries using the most amount of light. These include the well-developed countries that are densely populated, because they have the highest amount of light to open space ratio. The light is used to illuminate businesses, homes and various other places,

such as stadiums. Many people are not aware, but light is a pollutant, and it is not harmless. While there is not much known about the precise effects of light pollution, there are indications that are coming to light about the negative impact it has, and this should prompt people to use less of it because it has a negative effect on the health of people, animals and plants.

In the essay, I will define light pollution, and state when the problem was first noticed. I’ll cover why there is so little information about light pollution. I will then give an idea of all that is affected by light pollution and in what ways. The research is limited, but there are some components that can be communicated. It is then important to connect the world’s population growth with light pollution. This includes defining the various types of light pollution, such as light trespass and over illumination. I’d also like to investigate the study of light pollution, which began in the 1980s, and state how it became a bigger problem as third world countries started lighting up their homes. Also, it is important to state the various ways that light pollution affects people, animals, and plants. Finally, I will close the essay by giving the reader an idea of what can be done to minimize the various effects of light pollution in our everyday lives, and how this can improve the quality for life.

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