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Summary of a Television Broadcast Cover Story

Summary of a Television Broadcast Cover Story

A July 31st news broadcast on ABC examined recent hate crimes against Asian Americans that have resurfaced and are only getting worse, wherein some accounts are extremely violent. There are 23 million Asian Americans in the USA, and since the start of the pandemic, the new post recommends that one out of 3 is afraid of being assaulted. Hate crime violations increased last year by 2%, yet crimes against the Asian American population rose by 146%.

Over a two week-span, the American media has recorded a few notable occurrences of anti-Asian assaults. For instance, there has been a case where an American-Asian lady simply passing by a store somewhere in Midtown Manhattan, New York, encountered an act of vicious maltreatment from a stranger man with no reason at all. An Asian man, on the other hand, sobbed for help after a blade slashed him in a subway. However, in any case, nobody came and moved to help him. Another is a 91-year-elderly person who was pushed to the ground in San Francisco, and luckily, is recuperating from his wounds. In any case, perhaps the most upsetting occurrence that indeed triggered the outrage in social media was the passing of an 84-year-old Thailand man in San Francisco. He had recently gotten his COVID-19 vaccine and simply strolling on the walkway in broad daylight when a CCTV caught his assailant going across the road pushing him to the ground. Still, unfortunately, the man never recovered his consciousness.

As the United States battle to open reinforcement, Asian-Americans stay anxious. Accordingly, they cause elective methods to protect themselves. Most women in the elderly are taking self-protection classes. Others are outfitting themselves for protection, like buying protective gear, etc. Unfortunately, as of now, the information being delivered by the media is incomprehensibly underreported. The principal reason is that the Asian American people community is diverse, there are language obstructions, and there’s additionally a social hesitance to sort of cause to report these things. With the end goal for that to change, it was suggested that the Asian American people group needs to continue to stand up for themselves. This is evident in numerous social media platforms where several people, even Asian artists, speak out against injustices.

Summary of the Article “Power Learning”

The main premise underlying the article Langan and Albright (2019), published by McGraw-Hill Education, is to provide several techniques that can help college students prepare and become a more successful student. To do so, the authors established five important strategies a student can implement to study more effectively, and thereby become a better student. This is illustrated through the use of a case study, which follows a student named Jill. She is trying to improve her performance in college, and notes that three main areas for improvement are time management, note-taking skills in the classroom, and studying the textbook effectively (Langan & Albright, 2019).

According to Langan & Albright (2019), the first strategy is time management. This can be easily implemented by purchasing a calendar and making note of the most important upcoming dates and deadlines. This will help you visualize what is upcoming, so you know what needs to be worked on. A calendar will also be a good place to schedule study plans reflective of the upcoming deadlines. This could also be expanded by preparing a weekly schedule, with specific blocks of time scheduled. For example, blocking off time for classes, eating, and rest. This will give you a sense of when you can study and get work done. Another suggestion is to create a to-do-list that sets out what tasks you endeavour to have completed within a specified timeframe.

Note-taking was another strategy recommended by Langan and Albright (2019). The essence of this strategy is to make sure that you are actively listening, and attending, all your classes. That is, make sure you are prepared, present, and engaged with the class discussion or lecture. One good way this can be done is by taking your own notes, rather than relying on notes of  a classmate. This allows you to remember the information easier and will be beneficial at exam time (Langan & Albright, 2019). Furthermore, successful college students should take good quality notes. Do not write everything the professor says, rather focus on what is important. A helpful hint suggested in the article is to write down content on the board, or anything the professor seems to be repeating or emphasizing (Langan & Albright, 2019).

Finally, the third suggestion is to properly study course textbooks (Langan & Albright, 2019). The article underscores the importance of reading textbooks, reiterating that doing so is vital to academic success. If nothing else, it helps students understand the concepts understood in lectures – sometimes even in greater detail than a professor is able to delve into. Of course, students should also practice effective textbook reading strategies rather than blindly reading every word written. For example, skimming titles, headings, and subheadings, searching for bold or italicized text for important concepts, and examining graphical content for further understanding of the content.

In conclusion, Langan & Albright (2019) provided a series of study strategies aimed at helping college-level students be better prepared for success in their studies. The three main strategies suggested were to practice effective time management, take good notes in classes, and properly study your course textbooks. If college students properly implement these strategies, then it is more likely that they will experience success in their college studies. Order an Essay.


Langan, J., & Albright, Z.L. (2019). College writing skills with readings (10th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.



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