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The essay will examine gender inequalities throughout the world and how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play a role in gender rights. Various areas of gender rights are affected by NGOs, and it will be the goal of this essay to outline the most pertinent areas of society that are affected by the interaction of NGOs and gender in the nations where the NGOs operate.

One of the areas that I will investigate in the essay relates to the gender balance. It is clear that there is a lack of balance between the rights of women and men in many nations throughout the world. One of the nations that will be investigated is India. More specifically, India is an interesting case study, to which reference will be made throughout the essay. While India is rapidly becoming a force in the global market, and its economy is developing at a staggering pace, there is little being done about gender rights in the country. However, the Constitution in India set out in 1951 a statement that reads, “the State shall endeavour to provide within a period of ten years from the commencement of this Constitution, for free and compulsory education for all children until they complete the age of fourteen years,” (Haq, 1999). A focus of this essay will be on how NGOs have either contributed to that goal, or that have been so limited in scope and funding that they haven’t been able to realize that goal. Also, it will be important to include in the essay any inconsistencies with the access to education among boys and girls.

Gender inequalities are evident throughout the world and the NGOs are key in development of gender equality. The NGOs are a critical part of the analysis because they are gender neutral, at least that is a component that makes them useful entities. But it isn’t always the case, according to “Gender and organizations: The (re)production of gender inequalities within Development NGOs,” (Dema, 2008). This is an area of great importance to the essay that I will be writing about.

The essay will also show how NGOs have been successful in the world, at establishing gender rights, and increasing the amount of education that in enjoyed by the country. I will also show the devastation that is caused by some countries’ lack of NGOs to provide a much-needed voice to those who are in need. Finally, the essay will investigate countries where the NGOs aren’t performing their duties, because some of these organizations can become corrupt and let down the people that they are supposed to support. As a case study, I will focus on the Ugandan government and the NGOs that are engaged in the gender rights. This provides just one example where the NGOs are failing, (Nabacwa, 2010). The NGOs in four African countries will also be investigated. In these countries, some NGOs have good intentions, but are facing rebellion from the population, (Wendoh, 2005). But there are also the NGOs that cover the globe that will be investigated, (Betts 2005).

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