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Encountering Revelation

  • What images from mainstream U.S. American popular culture surrounding The End can be found in Revelation? Give at least three examples and note where you have seen them show up.

  1. One of the mainstreams US popular cultures surrounding the end is found in films whereby the filmmakers produce films depicting the end of the world as illustrated in the book of Revelation. One such movie is The Dark: Greatest Deceiver. The film talks about the seventh year of tribulation when Christianity has vanished, leaving only a small group of believers as explained in the Bible.
  2. Another example is the “Revelation Song” sung by Jennie Lee Riddle. the song depicts the words quoted in the book of revelation chapter five verse six when angels sang the song “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!”
  3. Another Americans have also captured the theme portrayed in the book of Revelation through various paintings such as Alamy stock photo that depicts the scene of angels in heaven as illustrated in the Bible. 
  • Briefly discuss how reading Revelation in its entirety in one sitting alters how one views this book by responding to these two questions:

  • What previous ideas or assumptions about Revelation were addressed or challenged by this reading?

Before reading the book of Revelation in one sitting, I previously assumed the beast’s mark would precede the rapture. In other words, everyone will still be alive when the beast receives authority to force people to bear a mark on their wrists or forehead. Consequently, the reading has helped me understand that 144,000 people who manage to keep themselves pure will bear the name of God and His son Jesus Christ thereby joining them to heaven where they shall join the angels in worshiping God. Additionally, those left behind on earth on the day of the rapture will have an opportunity to redeem their souls and will join the 144,000 people in heaven to join the worship of God

  • What were some new insights gained by reading it this way?

Following the reading, I have gathered that God will only inscribe His name and the name of Jesus on the pure people. Surprisingly, there is no small sin since even those who lied will be part of the people left on earth at the mercy of the beast. Since God is merciful and wishes to save humanity, He will send an angel who will fly midair, asking the earth’s inhabitants not to give in to the beast’s demand but only worship and fear God.

  • If you had to answer the question, “What is Revelation about?” what would you say in one substantive paragraph?

The book of Revelation, the final book in the Bible, talks about God’s judgment upon the earth. It talks about the great tribulation that those left on earth after rapture will have to endure. In my own opinion, I conclude that the book is meant to help people understand that God hates sins and will surely punish those who rebel against his commandments. The book describes how the judgment will take place in a series of twenty-one events starting with the breaking of seven seals, blowing the seven trumpets, and pouring out the seven bowls. God will give the people a second chance to undo their evil deeds and attain a slot in heaven while the rest will bear eternal suffering together with Lucifer. Basically, the book talks about how Christ will triumph over all the forces of evil and rebuilt a new world where all people will serve God faithfully. 

  • For you as a reader, which section was most powerful? What made it so striking?

The most compelling section in the book of Revelation was the point where God gives man a second chance to turn from evil ways. It is incredible how great the love of God is for humanity. Although He will have taken the people who have been Faithful to him and kept all His commandments, he will not forsake those left on earth. In chapter 14, verse six, the Bible states that “Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth–to every nation, tribe, language and people.” The primary mandate of the angels sent on earth was to ensure that they strived to become holy and save their souls from eternal judgment. In this chapter, I perceive the endless love God has for man, indicating that there would be great joy in heaven if everyone would be able to overcome the deceiver and join God in heaven. In other words, in the end, God plans to bring an end to all the evil skims of the devil and not to hurt human beings. 

  • Ultimately, in its context for first-century Christians, is Revelation a book of hope, despair, or something else? Why?

For the first century Christians, the book of Revelation is a book of hope and encouragement. Following the proceedings written in the book, it is evident that John purposed to encourage the Christians in the Asian regions and to strengthen their faith in God. He mentioned seven churches, including Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea, giving each one a specific message. The massages bared encouraging words to show them that their work for Christ was not in vain. However, the letters also warned them against things that would make them lose eternal life hence asking them to rectify their errors. In other words, John addressed the churches to affirm that they will have eternal life if they keep themselves holy just like Christ is holy.   

  • Finally, add any other meaningful connections or thoughts you might have about this experience.

Reading the book of Revelation has given me a new insight into serving God. I clearly understand the book of Revelation declares not only the final judgment but also the end of evil. In other words, human beings will finally have to live with God, just like in the beginning when man had fellowship with man in the Garden of Eden. As Christians, we do not have to dread the end of the world since it marks a new beginning with Christ, our Lord and savior. 

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