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  1. What’s your favorite toy/game to movie/TV show adaption? Why does it work? Be as specific as you can in your arguments.

My favorite toy/game to movie adaptation is Transformers. I love the first movie and my favorite Tv. The adaption version of the show was the 90 animated series beast wars. I consider it the most enjoyable toy/game movie adaptation because of multiple reasons. It revolves around a robot that can change into different things and have feelings and emotions like humans. I like it because it reflects on human nature featuring war and conflicts that exist amongst ourselves. Transformers also revolves around political structures and differences due to betrayals and deceptions, believing that peace can be reached through war and tyranny.  It is also popular and has attracted many audiences; it is, therefore, easy to engage with friends and understand its essence in life. Transformers changes the game in an animated story mode, and audiences can easily engage. The war between the deceptions and autoboots presents the sense of evil and good and provides an opportunity for us to reflect on ourselves and how we solve our conflicts.                                                                                                             

  1. What’s your least favorite toy/game to movie/TV show adaption? Why does it fail? Include the trailer in your post, and be as specific as you can in your arguments.

My least favorite toy/game adaptation was G.I. Joe. I never could get into the 80s show, nor did I think that the movie was any good. The film faced a lot of critics leading to its failure in Renegades TV shows. The movie failed to capture young audiences or generations. The movie is all about franchised stories of special American soldiers fighting a fictional organization of terrorists. The movie’s popularity began to fail from the G.I. Joe Extreme, which consisted of a toy and cartoon series. The A-Team series also prompted criticism and eventually failed the modern G.I. Joe. One reason for failure must have been the form of war and terror featured in the story; most audiences were uncomfortable with sugar-coating conflict. Also, audiences are likely to contradict between real-world and nations. 

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