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What is the control function of management?
The control function of management facilitates a co-ordinated effort and helps in the planning process. There are various types of control function, including those that come after a performance is executed according to plan. In some companies the control function can be performed by managers at all levels and is designed so that the company can look forward with plans.

Why does controlling function of management have a negative connotation?
The measurements and feedback in the process can be misleading. Often, a system that attempts to build itself around feedback and measurements doesn’t fully achieve what it set out. In some cases, feasibility isn’t a problem, but the system is often inferior to other methods.

How is the controlling function of management evolving?
The controlling function is evolving by having a wider perspective on control as it relates to its role as a management function. Managers are also becoming less controlling of their workers. The extreme bossism that was prevalent in the past is slowly dissipating, as the boss and employee work more closely together.

What are the different types of control systems?
The different types of control systems includes controlling as an end function, controlling as a pervasive function, controlling as a forward-looking function, controlling in a dynamic process and controlling as it relates to planning.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of the various control mechanisms?
Some of the control mechanisms include employee incentives, which can increase productivity, instill shared beliefs and encourage innovation. Employee incentives, however, cost the company money to fund. Another example is the constraint mechanism. This allows the manager to set a limit to the amount an employee may consume of a resource. This can help control over-use of a particular resource, but it can limit the amount needed for the employee to execute their task. A balance needs to be found.

How does your organization use the steps of the control process?
My organization uses the steps of the control process to establish standards, to measure the company’s performance against these standards and to correct the deviations from standards set out in the plans.

How are leadership and control different?
While leadership is a component of control, leadership implies working more closely with the employees. In leadership, the manager influences and guides the employees work and ensures they are moving in the right direction.

How are planning and control different?
Planning and control is different in that planning comes before control begins. Planning is the course the company aims to go on, while control is measuring and implementing action when a company is executing the plan.

How are structure and control different?
Structure is different from control in that the structure is overarching. It encompasses the control of the way managers ought to perform, while coordinating those efforts by ensuring constraints are used.

Does empowerment imply the loss of control? Why or why not?
Empowerment implies the loss of control in some cases. When uniformity and consistency are vital, empowerment should be addressed cautiously. This is sometimes needed when a company is experiencing tight finances and when operations need to be standardized. However, empowerment can be a good thing when the employees work closely with the customers, when the technology is complex, when the processes are constantly evolving, when employee initiative has a high payoff, when an employee needs motivation and when the environment isn’t certain, for example.

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