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Job Shadowing: Take a Career Nibble: Summary

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The article Job Shadowing: Take a Career Nibble discusses the merits of job shadowing as a method of making a future career decision through experiential learning. As a technique that provides future career options, job shadowing gives an opportunity to gain insights through an inside view and first-hand experience of a company or profession without a long-term commitment. Although it is objectively similar to an internship, job shadowing differs from an internship in terms of length of stay and learning method at an organization. Whereas internship is more hands and long-term, job shadowing is short-term and observation-based. 

A significant feature of job shadowing is that it does not necessarily relate to an individual’s industry choice or career path. However, it still gives an opportunity to determine whether a profession, company, or culture is the right choice through interaction with an industry professional (College Central Network). Such an interaction gives a person, a sector’s or career’s information such as salary, hours, duties, among others, by providing an opportunity to ask the right people the right questions. 

The first step of job shadowing is the compilation of organizations that an individual is interested in and networking via family, friends, colleagues, school career service, and alumni to be introduced to an industry professional. However, it is essential to act professionally since job shadowing is career-related. Thus, contacting the identified individual should be through a professional and formal letter that entails your objectives, self-introduction, referees, and availability details. The letter is a chance to present and sell yourself professionally. 

Once given the opportunity, relish it as an experience to gain knowledge and skills of the industry or profession by conducting professionally and being attentive. Moreover, it provides a unique networking opportunity to prove yourself as a professional through behaviors, performance, and preparedness for the experience, and get contacts of professionals in the industry.

The Indispensable Intern: Summary

The paper entails the ways to transition from internship to employment at your organization effectively. Making yourself indispensable can increase the chances of turning an internship experience into a full-time job. There are seven distinct essentials to standing out and becoming indispensable at a company. 

Active and effective communication is key in proving one’s worth at a company. However, you should understand the communication style used in the workplace and emulate them to communicate effectively. Active listening and asking relevant questions are also essential features of communication in the workplace. Secondly, since the internship is part of learning, you should proactively ask for feedback from your supervisor. It ensures clear communication from the manager and shows your interest in the internship experience and the value of constructive criticism. Thirdly, to prove reliability, character, and commitment and justify the organization’s investment in you, always show up on time. 

Besides improving your knowledge and skills, getting involved in organizational activities makes you an integral part of the team. Eagerness and willingness to participate in activities, including meetings and projects, increase your chances of being retained after the internship. When given tasks, even small ones, always ensure that you deliver quality work on time (College Central Network). Meeting deadlines proves your prioritization and time management skills and makes you a trusted part of the team. Also, take a proactive approach when handling responsibilities at the company. Being proactive involves taking the initiative and be willing to complete more assignments and contribute ideas without complaining. Finally, you actively participate in the company activities without fear of failing. Approach each project or meeting as an opportunity to learn and demonstrate your enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge to the employer. Active participation will help without fear of failing will show your eagerness to improving the company and make you indispensable to the employer.


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