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Managerialism has not contributed to the forecasted improvements in the healthcare sector. A number of practical experiences have indicated that nurses are working harder than ever since they are under immense pressure to sustain the acceptable standards.  This has been achieved by the radical upheaval of ancient power structures and traditional hierarchies within the healthcare organizations. This essay explores the two principal ways through which managerialism has impacted the healthcare sector.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

First, managerialism has brought about the aspects of competing values, such that managerialism values have replaced the service ideas for professionals.  The ideas like professional responsibilities, patient-centered care and moral purposes highly regarded by the nursing profession and sanctioned in the nursing code of conduct have been replaced by rationalization of resources, cost-cutting which are in direct conflict with the service ideas for healthcare professionals (Brophy, 2008).  The rationalization, for instance, has brought about cost containment strategies since the cost of health care must be within the means which a country can be able to afford and hence subsequently restrict citizen access to HealthCare. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Secondly, control over workers brought about by Managerialism has decreased the autonomy in work by the health care professional.  The ideological principle of Managerialism is characterized by the drive to monitor and control workers, which differs with the professional model of practice. It, therefore, denies the health workers the chance to manage resources and quality in healthcare while being accountable to outcomes (Brophy, 2008).  Grave implications for patients safety is therefore expected because patients are more likely to receive poorer care from overburdened nurses who lack independence and responsibility of the patient’s outcome.  Third, with the redefinition of roles to suit the management, there is the possibility of nurses being rendered redundancy subject to changing patterns in the division of labor as the nurse is pressurized by the Directorate to redefine their roles to suit the management.

It’s the professional responsibility of a nurse to articulate the need to maintain patient safety outcome and to protect patients through renewed engagement with nursing ideals of service.  The nurse should also have renewed commitment to patient-centered quality care as well as continuing to assert the ideals and the standards that nurses value and resist as well as challenge the values of Managerialism currently being used to manage the healthcare service. These are necessary to overturn the situation presently where nurses are managed to care. Nurses can use leadership to counter these discourses and contribute positively to patient care and the organization of the health care system by using their position to influence the policies that guide health care in the country.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Brophy, S. (2008). Resisting the Forces of Economic Rationalism and Managerialism: Nurses
Have a Professional and Moral Duty to Resist the Ongoing Forces of Managerialism. Their Own Futures May Depend on It. Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand, 14(3): 22-36.

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