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Is standardized testing a fair and effective method of evaluating students?


  1. Explain your interest in this topic. In other words, why did you choose this subject to write on?

I chose this topic to help me assess how inclusive the education sector is. Students are usually subjected to standardized testing modalities in many institutions which elicits questions on equity based on the capabilities of learners (Stumbrienė, Par 1). The medium of testing as a gauge of knowledge position among learners is an interesting discussion across the world because different institutions and nations perceive it in their ways. While in some cases tests are universally conducted to learners at some given stages of academic life, some offer different examinations depending on the interest and capability of the learners. The conflict makes me gain attention in studying the most effective method of assessing students in the institutions. 

  1. What is the tentative claim/thesis of your essay? 

Standardized testing is not a fair and effective way of evaluating learners because it fails to consider a variety of abilities among students in different fronts of academic cycles. Learning institutions should embrace non-uniform examinations based on equity and inclusivity to test students to promote performance across every area ranging from talents to psychological and practical perceptions. 


  1. How will your research and writing help to inform and/or benefit your audience? 

The research would be crucial in identifying the benefits of standardized testing and its limitations. The comparisons drawn from the pros and cons of the approach to evaluation will enable the audience to pick the best approach that supports equity and ensures concern for every category of learners as explained by Wormeli (9). Additionally, the research would help stakeholders and policymakers in the education sector to pick loopholes in the standardized method and enable them to opt for an equitable approach. Also, since assessment should not be used to collect information only from learners but also to judge them Chapelle et al. (2), my research would be effective in informing the audience on which approach is suitable for both. 

  1. List at least two main sides of your argument

The first side of my argument would be that standardized assessment is fair and effective for assessment because it ensures average grading for learners at the same level. 

The other argument will be that standardized assessment is not fair and effective because it fails to incorporate differentiation existing in students based on strengths and weaknesses in subjects. 


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