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International News Assignment

International News Assignment

The international marketing concept applied in the news article is export marketing, as it discusses how EasyBrand will become a Filipino brand capable of competing with other global brands through its high-quality products.

International marketing is understood as the multinational process that involves planning, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods, services, and ideas to create exchanges capable of satisfying both individual and organizational objectives (Albaum, Duerr, and Strandskov). It is important to understand that the world has become a global market, which means that emergent opportunities in a given nation cannot become confined to its alone. Instead, such an opportunity will easily extend to the globe. Some of the factors that have contributed to international marketing include global thinking, access to facilities and guidelines, positive attitudes toward privatization, international trade, and liberal dealings with one another. Therefore, the case of EasyBrand relying on quality global products to revolutionize both its domestic market and global markets is a perfect example of the effects of international marketing.

The news article on EasyBrand focuses on export marketing as an international marketing concept. The concept is considered the first stage of a firm’s stepping out of the domestic market and exploring market opportunities that exist in other countries. In this case, EasyBrand is relying on quality products to expand to other markets outside the Philippines. According to the article, reliance on quality raw materials for its products has allowed EasyBrand to compete with other global brands in markets outside the country (SunStar n.p.). In export marketing, an organization’s main aim is to expand its market size, which is what EasyBrand is doing, It believes that by focusing on quality products, it will likely appeal to customers in other countries and expand its market size. The company produces its goods in the Philippines and exports them to other countries, such as Japan, Italy, Singapore, Canada, Dubai, and the US. The article clearly states that the company is preparing for global distribution to these countries, an indication that it hopes to expand its market size (SunStar n.p.). From the article, it is evident that EasyBrand makes its full marketing efforts in the Philippines by stating how it has focused on quality raw materials for its products.

In export marketing, emphasis is placed on the expansion of the market size through increased exports to other countries without significant marketing efforts in these outside markets (Zou, Kim, and Cavusgil 2). Most of the marketing that EasyBrand does focuses on its domestic market despite its recent plans to export products to other countries. EasyBrand wants to meet consumer expectations in both its domestic and foreign markets, which is why it has prioritized the quality of its products. It believes that by manufacturing high-quality products, it would be on the same level as other established global brands. International trade provides customers with different goods and services, which explains the decision by EasyBrand to focus its expansion efforts on other countries. It intends to help provide consumers from these countries with a wide variety of goods.

In conclusion, the news article on EasyBrand focuses on export marketing as an international marketing concept. EasyBrand intends to expand its markets to include Japan, Italy, Singapore, Canada, Dubai, and the US. In particular, it focuses on product quality to help increase its market size.


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