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My interest in the pharmaceutical profession stems from my strong desire to work in the

medical field, as this is the sector that has made the most significant positive impact on the

quality of human life and survival rates.

As I take pride in continued personal growth for the benefit of others and broader community, I feel that joining this noble community would allow

me to contribute to the betterment of our society and wellbeing of future generations. In

choosing pharmacy as my field of study, I can be a part of the continued effort to improve

knowledge of human health and thus enhance the practice of medicine. Early in childhood, I

developed an interest in being able to help others in need. I am particularly driven to learn

how to effectively formulate and administer medications and educate patients on their


As my family moved to the US in 1991, I initially struggled with language, making my studies

at high school and college level very challenging. During this time, rather than focusing solely

on academia, I had to cope with various life stressors, such as my parents’ migration from

India to Germany, and back to India, before finally settling in the US. In addition, they

subsequently divorced, and the breakdown of our family unit has been a major setback both

personally and in my academic pursuits. Due to the lack of stability and guidance, these

struggles were adversely reflected in my undergraduate work. Still, they never stopped me

from striving towards my dreams and I now finally have to opportunity to turn them into

reality. At this stage in my life, I have the experience, stability, and determination to

accomplish my goals reflecting my true potential.

My long-term goal is to help underprivileged children and educate people on topics of health

literacy, diabetes, and lifestyle changes. A degree in pharmacy will open a wide range of

opportunities to make an impact and help others to improve their health. In my current

position as a certified pharmacy technician, I can observe first-hand the positive impact that a

pharmacist can have on daily lives of many individuals. By counselling and educating

patients on the course of their treatment, it is possible to improve their health and wellbeing

in immeasurable ways. Thus, the experience I have gained working alongside pharmacists

dedicated to their profession and helping others has further solidified my decision to enter the

pharmaceutical field.

On a personal note, I also witnessed the effects of ill health and benefits of proper dedicated

care. When my aunt had a hysterectomy, this was my first exposure to health care setting,

and I could closely observe the effects that patient care could have on person’s recovery.

The most amazing part was when I went to see my aunt post-surgery, expecting to see her in

pain. I was thus pleasantly surprised that she was really at peace, having the benefit of the

medical advances that could relieve her pain by a push of a button. This really enhanced my

curiosity about medicine and prompted me to explore the field. This helped me appreciate

that medicine is much more than science, as it requires an integrated effort by the nurse,

pharmacist, and physicians, in order to provide optimal care in each case. Having

subsequently had several family members that suffered illness, I grew further aware of just

how important having optimal medical care is. Seeing the power of medicine, pharmaceutical
and technological advances and their importance in health outcomes prompted me to look

into ways in which I could contribute to this effort. Ideally, I wanted to be in a position to

educate, spread awareness, help heal, and make impact on not just the people around me,

but also my community and broader society.

My experiences, both positive and negative, have shaped the person I am today, and have

prepared me to face challenges life has yet to bring. I see the pharmacy program as an

opportunity to truly flourish and achieve my full potential. Having managed a business,

consulted customers in the financial field, and owned a pre-school, I feel that I have gained

broad experience in working closely with people in a variety of sectors. In all my endeavours,

including my current position, I have consistently done well in managing employees,

exceeding goals, and increasing customer satisfaction in the various positions I have held.

My personal ambition to help others is what will help me succeed in pharmacy school.

Learning how drugs work on a molecular level in treating various illnesses fascinated me in

my Biochemistry course. It is my goal to earn a PhamrD and build a solid educational

foundation that will allow me to work as a pharmacist. I am eager to expand my knowledge in

a field that has so much potential in improving quality of human life. Having worked as a

pharmacy technician for over one year now has only served to confirm that I am entering the

right field.


Special life circumstances: Please describe any special life circumstances. These include but are not limited to the following: raised in a single parent home, socioeconomic status of family, first generation attending college, overcoming adversity, resident of an under-served area or an area with a health professions shortage, race and ethnicity, and cultural background.  2000 characters

When I was very young and needed stability the most, my family moved from India to Germany, and back to India, before finally arriving to the US in 1991. Each time we moved, I not only needed to learn a new language, but also find my way around unfamiliar environment. In addition, I was aware that my parents were unhappy in their marriage, which added further stress to my already challenging childhood.

While they both showed love to me and my brother, my father was always abusive towards my mother, who tolerated it due to our cultural beliefs. She finally got the courage to seek divorce when I was at college. Witnessing her struggle, I was determined to become educated independent woman, who will never have to experience disrespect and humiliation.

As I got older, and the fights between my parents got worse, I started using college as an escape. Having a purpose and a peer group gave me a sense of achievement and belonging. While I really tried hard to succeed academically, the unstable environment at home took the toll on my ability to focus and my grades started to decline.
Once my parents divorced, they started living in different states, so I spent most of the time travelling back and forth between my mom and dad’s house. While moving to the US was supposed to be a new start for us all, I found myself struggling to cope. As a result, I did not achieve my full potential academically and had to lower my expectations regarding my future career and life goals. This was really hard to accept and I started experiencing depression and anxiety, which lasted all throughout college.

In a way, the fact that I graduated at all was an achievement in itself. Soon after, I got my first job as a bank teller. Within one year, I was promoted from a teller, to a banker, to an assistant branch manager. I was consistently the top performer and started getting job offers from other banks. Sadly, at that time, my mom fell sick and I had to move to Seattle, where she lived. While looking after her, I still found enough strength and energy to further my career, as I not only managed a hotel, but also pursued a Masters degree in Business. While these achievements may seem insignificant to many, given the hardships and setbacks I experienced, I feel that I did really well.
Seeing my mother suffer all her life has inspired me to work hard and ensure that I would always be self sufficient and independent.

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