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Facility Management

Outstanding Bowl Award

Facility Management

The Outstanding Bowl  Award is presented annually to the most outstanding player regarding discipline and leadership inside the pitch. The winner of the award comprises w a trophy together with 2000 US dollars. The committee of 5 members on behalf of the NFL is tasked with the sole responsibility of shortlisting three players each season who meet the necessary criteria. The committee then subjects them to a vote whereby the winner is selected by the NFL spectators vote and by a team of 10 NFL sportswriters and media broadcasters who vote. The media team and the sports writer’s ballots amount to 80 percent of the total vote counts, whereas the fans’ ballots account for 20 percent. This year’s winner is Felix Herbert; he showed a stunning display, perfectly showcasing everything that makes him so unstoppable – his discipline on the pitch, physical prowess, and unquenchable desire, and his refusal to surrender responsibility in the most trying of situations. The committee started the award to reward effort by players who have shown discipline and leadership in the pitch; this will boost their confidence, build a positive gaming environment, and increase team and individual motivation. Also, the prize aims to improve players’ self-esteem and make their victory and participation unforgettable.

Criteria for Selection by the Committee

  1. The players must have minimal or no indiscipline cases 
  2. The players must have committed fewer fouls throughout the entire season and capable of exemplary leadership of the team members.
  3. They must have played more than 90% of the games in that season.

Event Program


7:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 10, 2021, at GDF Hotel, 50 E. 20th Street

Calston Cox (Assistant events manager) office: 78-25-52000 ([email protected])


Time Activity
7:00 a.m. – Managing Director and Communications Director arrive for set-up, work with GDF
8:00 a.m. Hotel staffs;
Inspect microphones and sound systems
•  Check w/ technician to project book cover on the screen behind the podium
•  Set up registration table; book tables and chairs; tent sign for the food table
•  Ensure reserved VIP parking signs are in place
Set up banners
  • Put out bookmarks, Join the Conversation cards, and Exchange magazines
  • Reserve seats inside the auditorium
  • Set up of large high definition display screens in each corner of the conference hall
  • Set up of projectors for display of the event presentation and light up of the stage
  • Arrival of event producers for event recording
  • Set up of camera location
  • Set up of broadcasting location for partner media houses
Parking spaces are reserved in names of the NFL organizing committee, guest other
Media houses directors. Please park in Visitors Parking Spaces at the side of the
8:00 –
Geovanni Volt building across 20th Street from the main entrance of
10:00 a.m.
Center City. The staff will post each name on the wall at the parking space.
  Leonard Hoop, the technician at hand, arrives checks the audio. 
10:00 – 11:00 a.m. •  Guests arrive, get the program, comment card, and drink tickets at 2nd-floor registration
•  Bar opens for 25 minutes before the presentation – wine, beer, non-alcoholic
Beverages are available.
11:00 – 12:00 •  Staff, volunteers invite guests to move into the auditorium.
12:000 – 1:00 •  Guests inside the lecture hall. Doors closed. Bar closes. Late guests directed
to the entrance 
The event organizing chair, Stephen Heinsen, gives housekeeping details such as reception, book signing to
  follow, comment cards introduce Albert Perez
Peroz introduces James Hannington, the award committee chair

Speeches from guests

1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Presentation of the Award
The photographic team takes photographs

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