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Gender equity provides for a sensitive topic. Women have had to bear with discrimination since the world began. Women in the 21st century continue to suffer discrimination. In the sports world, women discrimination remains a pervasive concept. Women tend to be overlooked when it comes to the appointment of sports administration personnel. Even though the situation has improved in recent times, women are still underrepresented in sporting leadership. Through legislative frameworks such as the Title IX, it is hoped that the participation of women in sports leadership will be reinforced.
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The Title IX legal framework was enacted by the federal government in 1972. It was intended to ensure that both women and men had access to equal educational opportunities. The Statute prevailed that “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance” (Senne, 2016). However, it was later modified to further enhance equality in the sporting world. Title IX greatly enhanced the participation of women in the sporting leadership. Nonetheless, women continue to face discrimination. This is a culmination of views that reinforce the fragility and incapability of women. Even though Title IX has been a pivotal force in enhancing women’s opportunities, it has done little to mitigate negative image on women’s capabilities. The stereotypic view of women curtails their participation in the sporting world (Burton, 2014). There is a need to address the pressures that women face in the sporting world.

In 2012, Jennifer Moshak and Collin Schlosser sued the University of Tennessee’s women’s athletic department. They prevailed that they had been discriminated against in the workplace and had been forced out of their positions. Prior to the suit, the plaintiffs, Moshak and Schlosser, had been part of the leadership of the Athletics department in the institution. The two were demoted and marginalized after they had questioned the unequal pay structure between men and women (Lam, 2016). Instead of addressing the issues, the department chose to demote and marginalize them. Consequently, Moshak and Schlosser were forced to resign. Furthermore, in the merger that led to the discrimination, majority women positions in the department were terminated. The case was resolved by a settlement agreement where the university was compelled to part $1 million in settlement payments (Lam, 2016). Moshak and Schlosser won the suit.

To improve the perception of the employment of women in sports, there is a need to engage several frameworks. To begin with, there is a need to create segments within the sporting administration bodies that specifically target women. These segments should only be limited to members of the female sex. Essentially, there is a need for the determination of a percentage of the administrative sporting positions that are limited to women. Furthermore, there is a need for increased sensitization and education on the discrimination of women in sporting leadership (Buzuvis, 2015). Through seminars and conferences, more people will be made aware of the negative implications of women discrimination in sports.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The process of improving the attitudes towards the employment of women in sports should begin in the infant stages (Senne, 2016). Stereotypic thinking clouds women’s opportunities. From childhood, human beings are brought up on the basis of masculinity and femininity. Thus, men’s physical features are reinforced while in the females, their feminine aspects such as grace and beauty are celebrated. Children should be made aware of their potentials during their early stages. Because, during childhood, the minds of children are learning to adapt to their environments. Human character is molded in childhood. It is easier to influence the brain of a child than would be the same case in adulthood. For instance, male children tend to engage in activities that they see their fathers doing. Alternatively, the girl child often engages in the activities that their mothers do. Therefore, children learn through observation and copying what they see. Positive reinforcement on equality between women and men would have more impact if it were started during childhood.
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Conclusively, as a future sports leader, I will engage several frameworks in teaching young athletes to value equal participation in sports. To begin with, I will develop sporting activities that demand the inputs of every member of the team. Essentially, I will create groups that constitute both male and female members. This will serve to enhance their interactions in the sporting discipline. It will further promote the respect that both the sexes extend each other. To further enhance knowledge on equality, I will encourage seminars and convergences that will address collective issues in the sporting discipline. The seminars will provide an opportunity through which relational challenges facing both the sexes can be addressed. It will also provide a forum through which differences are settled. This reinforces the equality between all the sexes.


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