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Question 1
The connection made between butterflies and fire, both in the section titled “FIRE” and in “THE BUTTERFLY,” is interesting due to the contrast it forms with how butterflies are generally described.  They are typically considered fragile and harmless creatures, but the language in “THE BUTTERFLY” is consistently incendiary and strong. They hatch from chrysalises with a “veritable explosion” (25) in order to play “the lamplighter” (25).  This paints for the reader a faithful picture of the butterfly’s physical appearance, while simultaneously interpreting it as “avenging” (25) and proud. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Question 2
Ponge’s style is extremely visually descriptive.  He does not limit himself to basic contour, devoting almost equal measure to texture and light as much as to fundamental shape.  The crags on the loaf of bread are “wafer-thin slabs where light takes care to bank its rays,” the moss covered rocks are “doormats damp to saturation.”  These descriptions draw the reader’s attention to the details of the objects as well as their basic shape, like adding shading and detail to a sketch to make it more realistic.

Question 3
As in many of Ponge’s descriptions, the snail is personified and in this case could be seen to be personified as an artist.  Using both “a passive and an active element” to “interpret” the dirt it is processing as food, the snail mimics an artist’s means of interpreting an object to draw.  The passive element in art is the objective observation of the object, while the active element is the artist’s individual interpretation.  Like the snail takes dirt and turns it into food, an artist takes everyday objects and turns them into art that nourishes the soul. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Question 4
The living tree does not betray the seed from which it grew.  The sinewy contours of its branches dance in the morning sun, ever changing and bending to the whims of wind and weather.  The leaves, opaque at noon, become translucent in the evening light, casting shadows across the life-giving ground and the dynamic patterns they create pay homage to its ever-changing nature.  As the moon rises above the horizon, branches and leaves alike fall into a state of calm repose. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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