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Module 4
Part A: Short Critical Reflection

Section 2 Summary

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Nobel Lecture “The Solitude of Latin America,” upon winning the Nobel Peace Prize, is a credible tool to gain a primary source perspective on the issues that were surrounding Latin America (1).

Often, the complicated situations that are happening in a country can cause many people to speak out. While most of these people provide a valuable source of information, they may have their facts wrong, or they may not consider all sides of the situation, for example. However, in taking a look at Marquez’s speech, it is clear this is a very intelligent man who provides valuable insight into the political situation in Latin America. For example, he provides a solid perspective on the accounts of Argentina’s independence from Spain (2).

Marquez is successful at showing his perspective on the history of Spanish conquest in Argentina, and the struggles for independence that persisted thereafter. While he does not offer a first-person account of the first settlement of his nation, he does provide an interesting perspective for many years after the country gained independence.

Section 3 Summary

Mike Gonzalez, in “The Resurrections of Che Guevara,” discusses the life of Che Guevara, who was prevalent in Cuba during the 1960s. He describes how Che is still prevalent in Cuba, and is often what travellers bring home with them from souvenir shops where they might buy a mug with his face on it. Che is a major figure in the Cuban revolution, and is a prime reason why the nation is what it is today (2).

I found the depiction of this man to be extremely heart-felt. I could tell that Gonzalez feels very attached to the man, and as he describes, so do all Cubans. The story of his importance is certainly inspiring, and Gonzalez does a good job at communicating how important the man was in the lives of everyone in Cuba. I also found the explanation of the political situation to be extremely informing, particularly when Gonzalez goes on to describe the efforts of Castro during his amnesty (6).

Ultimately, Gonzalez’s article is about the revolutionary spirit, and he captures this well, and does justice to the man that Cubans still consider to be their hero. Che was a figure for freedom in the 1960s, and his efforts were so important that he remains a hero today.

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