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Check out this sample essay from our elite essay writer about this analysis on drinking and driving. This ad is about people’s tendency to drink and drive on roads. The issue of drunken driving has become common and different authorities have come to find better ways of campaigning against the tendency of people. People come up with different ads to demonstrate specific messages. This paper will look at the “Stop the Violence: Don’t Drink and Drive” and analyze its intention towards society. This ad is intended for all people who use roads. Driving is no longer something that concerns drivers but the passengers as well. This ad appeals to all people who use vehicles either directly or indirectly [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

The most appealing part of this ad is the choice of art. The use of pictures within a person’s fist and face shows the violence. The fact that it combines such violence based on one person against the other with the use of vehicles shows the manner in which people interact in different roads. Other appealing parts of the ad are the use of two texts to deliver the same meaning. When one mentions, “Stop the Violence,” it shows the actions of people towards each other. On the other hand, the “Don’t Drink and Drive” parts shows the reason why many vehicles collide. An example includes a scenario in which people drink before they drive and when they get behind the wheels, they often cause accidents on the road. This clearly shows that people demonstrate an act of violence towards each other just because they are under the influence of alcohol. The image could also mean that when people get involved in accidents, it is not only the vehicles that suffer but the drivers and passengers as well. While looking at the vehicles, it is evident that one (Truck) is more powerful than the other (saloon). Even the human face shows the truck being on the aggressive part and that shows an abuse of power while people are on the road. The ad associates this abuse of power with the use of alcohol by the persons involved.
As part of the audience, this ad is very effective in demonstrating the violence that takes place on roads. This analysis is based on the layout, image, and text. The text begins with a general perception and then narrows down to the main point. Therefore, this is an excellent choice of title for an ad as it introduces the audience while making the point of the ad clearer along the process. The image shows two parties with unequal strengths demonstrating an act of violence. Based on the image, it is evident that one party is likely to suffer more from the violence than the other is. The different uses of color in the vehicles shows the differences people are likely to encounter on the road. Even while looking at the impact of the punch on the victim’s face, one can notice the splash of sweat. This could also be used to demonstrate the likely impact of the accident in real life. As someone who uses the roads often, this ad has clearly shown me that I should be humble while using the roads. Even when I have a powerful vehicle, it should still practice humility and observe all traffic rules. All traffic laws involving driving should be observed at all times. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Therefore, this ad clearly shows the use of art in a creative way. Many people are likely to relate to this ad as compared to using longer ads. Even the choice of words relies on little words and images that demonstrate a lot of information. People often state that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, people can learn a lot by relating their actions on the road with how they affect people in the process. Even the choice of color is bright enough to ensure that people view both the message and image. I would confess that I have seen many messages and ads that discourage people from drunken driving, but this has demonstrated a lot of creativity. In conclusion, this is the best ad that one could use an example to show the creative combination of layout, text, and image to create a better meaning.


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